Democracy Dies in Darkness
The Texas law is the nation’s most restrictive. In a divisive 5-to-4 decision last month, the court had allowed it to go into effect, although dissenters said it violated the precedent in Roe v. Wade.
From taxes to climate policy to Medicare to immigration, negotiations are moving swiftly and key provisions could change.
Parnas, a Florida business executive who played a role in the activities in Ukraine that led to then-president Donald Trump's first impeachment trial, was convicted Friday.
A scene from Netflix’s global sensation “Squid Game,” in which some of the most marginalized compete for the chance to win millions. (Youngkyu Park/Netflix/AFP/Getty Images)
If you’re not a native Korean speaker, or you watched the dubbed version, you may have missed some important things .
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The report offers the first detailed insight into the geography of this year’s Great Resignation.
Biden’s remarks on Taiwan’s defense clash with long-running U.S. policy of ‘strategic ambiguity.' Officials say there has been no policy change.
Among the more than 100 former evangelical church leaders at a recent gathering, some had lost funding and others had been fired from their churches for adopting more liberal beliefs.
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A woman scavenges coal near a mine in Cam Pha, northern Vietnam. (Corbis via Getty Images)
The approach, while welcomed by climate activists, leaves poorer nations in even greater need of a quick transition to renewable energy.
The ad-supported streaming service, which launches Monday, will report on national, regional and local weather news, in addition to providing regular forecasts.
At Maiz64, Oaxacan chef Alam Méndez Florián shows flashes of innovative cooking.
New developments have brought beer gardens, pop-up bars and a 1,600-seat performing arts center to Tysons.
Día de los Muertos returns to the Wharf, and the 17th Street High Heel Race celebrates its 34th edition.