Democracy Dies in Darkness
(Heidi Levine for The Post)
While President Biden has pledged to stand with Kyiv “for as long as it takes,” Ukrainian officials, Western diplomats and analysts warn that the help is simply taking too long to arrive.
Trump lawyer Evan Corcoran. (Amanda Andrade-Rhoades for The Post)
It’s possible the former president will seek to carry the fight up to the Supreme Court, though it’s not clear he would have a much better chance of success there.
(Susan Haejin Lee for The Post)
Influencers have bestowed a shiny new status to the lowly world of knockoffs, but the stigma of a dupe doesn’t always come out in the wash.
The twister not only tore up the roofs of multiple industrial buildings but also damaged cars and injured at least one person.
(lovenimo/Washington Post Illustration; iStock)
Ask pilots and they’ll tell you: landing a large passenger jet is much harder than it looks on “Airplane!” and “Snakes on a Plane.”
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