Democracy Dies in Darkness
Experts say smaller departments are able to adapt to their communities and hire officers with local ties, but they're also typically able to avoid the accountability being sought as part of the national movement to restructure and improve policing.
A vote is expected this week on whether Rep. Liz Cheney (Wyo.), who has denounced Donald Trump’s election fraud claims, will remain the No. 3 Republican in the House.
Churchill Downs has suspended Baffert from entering any horses at the track in Louisville and said Medina Spirit's Kentucky Derby win would be invalidated if the drug findings are upheld.
Lois Dunner, right, reunites with her daughter, Gail Kotel, for the first time since August, at Union Station in Washington on Saturday. (Amanda Voisard for The Post)
Some Texas revolutionaries were enslavers, an inconvenient fact that has helped stall a badly needed overhaul of the revered battle site.
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(Monica Rodman/The Washington Post)
Former president Barack Obama shared on May 8 that their family dog, Bo, had died after a battle with cancer.
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In crucial 2022 Senate races, the Democratic coalition that came together to elect President Biden is fracturing again along racial, gender and generational lines.
(Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
The Postal Service had long spurned EVs over cost, but House Democrats are lining up behind a White House push to allocate $8 billion for new trucks, paving the way for a fully electric fleet.
Israeli police officers block a Palestinian demonstrator on Saturday. (AP)
A perfect storm of circumstances and Israeli eviction notices on six Palestinian families is threatening to spark the embers of conflict again.
If variants in Africa go unmonitored, “eventually, the world could be back to square one,” said one researcher.
City officials are to testify before a frustrated D.C. Council on Wednesday.
A crew of about 60 will begin at 1 p.m. Sunday to tally the ballots by hand, a method three gubernatorial contenders demanded amid fears that vote-counting software the party was considering could be rigged against them.
During World War II, this Tudor-style mansion in Bethesda was the home of Norway’s Crown Princess Martha and her three children. (Montgomery History)
They lived at Pooks Hill in Bethesda, which didn’t look like the one in “Atlantic Crossing.”
At Imperfecto, chef Enrique Limardo aims to bridge Latin America and the Mediterranean.
Virtual film festivals, streaming concerts and socially distanced events offer escapes during the coronavirus pandemic.
A photographer revisits some of his favorite clubs, which went dark during the pandemic and are waiting to reopen.
(Glenn Harvey)
The Ad Council and its partners had to find a message that a fractured nation could somehow agree on. Here's how they did it.
Baseball is the grand citadel of mealy-mouthing.
The Grammy winner reflects on being off the road for the first time since he was a teenager.
Meet the Walter Cronkites of the video platform.
The 6-foot-3 Wizards point guard tied Oscar Robertson's all-time career record of 181 triple-doubles Saturday. But what does it mean?
Mark Emmert told the New York Times he is hoping for approval of new NIL guidelines “before, or as close to, July 1.”
The Nationals Park press box during the World Series. Thomas Boswell is in the bottom row, center, in a baseball hat. (Jonathan Newton/The Post)
That Thomas Boswell is one of the best sportswriters of his generation is obvious to anyone who read his work. Seeing how he did that work, though, was nothing short of a master class.