Democracy Dies in Darkness
The action by the Food and Drug Administration means the United States will have three vaccines a year after the virus began spreading rapidly. A few million doses of the newest shot are expected to be shipped shortly.
People are divided over “vaccine selfie" etiquette, but health experts think they are a good thing.
Cawthorn, 25, has adopted the Trump playbook, making false statements about his background, issuing baseless allegations about voter fraud and demonizing his political opponents.
Texas flags fly near an electrical substation in Houston. (Getty Images)
The nation's most deregulated energy economy was supposed to be a win for consumers, and for energy companies nimble enough to do business in a bustling, cacophonous market. Last week's cold snap plunged Texans into misery — and could reap billions for some firms.
President Biden is pushing to reclaim America’s global leadership after four years of the former president's insults and snubs. But it’s increasingly clear that Biden cannot simply sweep up the broken diplomatic china and restore the world order that reigned when he was vice president.
The votes that followed the siege of the Capitol are a red line upon which House Democrats are basing their decisions on which Republicans to work with.
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Kelly Wood said there was no way her father, Raymond A. Wood, wrote the letter, in which he purportedly admitted to helping arrest members of Malcolm X’s security team days before the 1965 assassination.
Annual closures are expected along the exotic road. But wildfire is reaching into places it has never been, stripping vegetation from fragile hillsides and causing more serious washouts.
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Ahmed Abdullah al-Harbi resurfaced weeks later in Saudi Arabia after telling other activists he’d revealed their names to Saudi authorities.
The Trump administration designated the IRGC as terrorists. Its ranks are filled with military conscripts.
The average life span of a pangolin is unknown. The animal's average size ranges from 45 inches to 4.5 feet long. A pangolin can weigh anywhere from 4 to 72 pounds. (Justin Mott)
More than 11,000 people were arrested during protests for jailed opposition leader Alexei Navalny. Their stories are starting to emerge.
The chariot was found on the grounds of what is one of the most significant ancient villas in the area around Vesuvius, with a panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea. on the outskirts of the ancient Roman city.
(Nina Riggio for The Post)
A one-man operation repurposes used lithium batteries from electric vehicles for campers and RVs in Quartzsite, Ariz.
Jere’e Clark was driving by when she stopped to help the desperate 10-year-old. Several other people had kept driving, prosecutors said.
Serifat Busari, left, poses with her client, Shirley. (Arc Northern Chesapeake Region)
The position of direct support professional is not well-known, but it is crucial to helping people with disabilities maintain independence amid the pandemic.
Federal and local health guidelines, along with staffing constraints, are hampering the city’s efforts to meet the growing demand for expanded access to classroom instruction.
After delays, 3,500 appointments for high-priority Washington Zip codes got filled, but then came the heartache and frustration of computer glitches that appeared to foil many city residents.
Sharbat in Adams Morgan welcomes visitors with expertly made sweet and savory baked goods from Azerbaijan.
The National Museum of Mathematics presents an augmented-reality art show you look at on your phone.
A new anthology compiles decades of music writing from the 90-year-old jazz critic.
The silhouette unveiled in 1969 honors the league’s first Black players to make an imprint on professional basketball, change it forever and assume its throne. They still deserve that recognition. 
Tiger Woods played with his son Charlie at a December father-son tournament in Orlando. (AP)
A transcendent golfer occupies our headspace like no other athlete, thanks to the unadorned intimacy and longevity afforded by the sport. That role for Woods is now in question.
Benjamin Kagan, 14, helps hundreds of people in the Chicago area register to be vaccinated as demand for the shots outstrips supply. (Kagan family photo)
A high school freshman created a team of volunteers to help hundreds of people register for their shots as opportunities to get vaccinated remain elusive.
The job will help his finances, but it upsets his children. How can he maintain a strong bond?
Friends or family members often insist on preparing food they think is safe. But it often isn’t.
Is it proper etiquette to work out possible technical problems in advance?