Democracy Dies in Darkness
Court records show that prosecutors this summer and fall looked into a scheme in which a large political contribution would be offered in exchange for a presidential pardon. 
President-elect Joe Biden will take office under pressure to repudiate and rescind many, if not most, of the more than 400 executive actions President Trump used to tighten the U.S. immigration system. But Biden also will start his term in a bind that could make such changes difficult to accomplish quickly.
Friends and former associates say they expect the first daughter to think about running for office, or at least get involved in Republican politics.
The FixAnalysis
Appearing on Sean Hannity's Fox News show, McEnany offered two claims. Both were debunked nearly four weeks ago.
Governors and state lawmakers across the country are working to authorize millions of dollars in new coronavirus stimulus aid, aiming to plug gaping holes in their local economies before the end of the year.
Pediatricians and other health experts called for children to be enrolled in vaccine trials earlier and now worry that the window for immunizing kids before the beginning of the next school year has closed.
(Kelsey Wroten for The Post)
U.S. health officials say trips to Mexico should be a no-go because of a "very high level" of covid-19.
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Little, who has confessed to killing 93 people over four decades, has told police that he intentionally targeted women who would not be missed if they vanished or believed if they survived — often women of color.
California's worst wildfire season on record just won't quit, with a serious threat unfolding late Wednesday and lasting into the weekend.
This year is likely to be one of the three warmest on record for the planet, the United Nations reported.
Parler’s lax moderation policies, in keeping with its claims to being a bastion of free speech, have helped it become a magnet for pornographers, escort services and online sex merchants.
The Washington Post
Elliot Page’s history as a LGBTQ advocate
Elliot Page, the Oscar-nominated actor best known for the 2008 film “Juno,” came out as transgender on Dec. 1.
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The Finance 202Analysis
The paper from two Biden allies could be ammunition for how the incoming administrations aims to counter congressional Republicans who authorized a rising tide of debt under President Trump.
(Video: Adriana Usero/The Post; photo: Olivier Contreras/The Post)
Fact CheckerAnalysis
President Trump's scattershot legal effort to overturn the 2020 election is losing steam. Here's a guide to his claims — and the reality.
Activists Joshua Wong, Ivan Lam and Agnes Chow arrive at a Hong Kong courthouse on Nov. 23 to face charges related to illegal assembly stemming from 2019. (Reuters)
A court sentenced Joshua Wong, Agnes Chow and Ivan Lam to between seven and 13½ months in connection with protests last year against China’s crackdown in the city.
The Washington-based organization argued that crimes such as torture or extrajudicial killings have only worsened under President Nicolás Maduro since the OAS first published such findings in 2018.
A planned no-confidence vote Wednesday could spell the end of the unity government formed seven months ago.
A key political ally of right-wing Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban attempted to escape “through the roof gutter,” according to a Belgian newspaper, before being apprehended by officers.
The approach contrasts sharply with the prevailing wisdom in the United States, where public health officials have focused on low rates of positive coronavirus tests in the broader community as a prerequisite for in-person schooling.
Erin Durga, left, donated her kidney to her school's custodian, Patrick Mertens. (Lynda Mertens)
“Who expects a teacher to give their kidney to a custodian?” said Patrick Mertens’s wife, Lynda.
The Technology 202Analysis
Democratic senators said the Homeland Security Department's inspector general is opening an investigation into the matter.
Physician Jacob Keeperman, the medical director of Renown Regional Medical Center's covid-19 alternative care site, said he tweeted the selfie he took the day the site opened to thank his staff for their work.
The board of supervisors in deeply red Campbell County voted unanimously in favor of ordering local authorities not to enforce the Democratic governor’s mandates limiting gatherings and businesses.
The building at 3701 Benning Road NE, once a meatpacking processing plant and years later one of D.C.’s longest-running gay bars, is the proposed site of a new halfway house for men returning from prison. (Amanda Voisard for The Post)
A city report said the property was “a remnant of a remnant, and not a compelling candidate for designation.”
Private payrolls added just 307,000 jobs last month, according to ADP, far less than the 475,000 forecast, data shows.
Black Friday traffic in stores fell 55 percent, compared with a year ago. (AP)
The president-elect’s choice of advisers sets up a clash with Senate Republicans, who are now sounding alarms over a national debt they helped President Trump increase by nearly $7 trillion.
Color of MoneyPerspective
Even though Black families have been hard hit by the covid-19-related recession, they were better prepared because of the increase in their savings, a new report finds.
A division of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement will target criminals who try to capitalize on high demand for doses of the vaccine.
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Buffalo's Jaret Patterson runs past Northern Illinois linebacker Daveren Rayner for a touchdown during the first half of a game in November. (AP)
On Saturday, the junior tied an FBS record with eight touchdowns and may have forced his way into Heisman Trophy consideration.
The sides agreed to some policies that place the women’s team on level terms with the men’s team, the U.S. Soccer Federation said, but the deal is unrelated to claims of wage discrimination.
In his first free agency period with Washington, the coach showed restraint. The team might be better for it.
A visitor wearing a protective mask takes a picture of the statue of Lucius Verus during the public reopening at the Metropolitan Museum of Art earlier this year. (Jeenah Moon for The Post)
Why Joe Biden’s Cabinet should include a secretary of arts and culture if we want to call ourselves a civilized nation.
Movie Review
Set in Wuhan, China, during the early days of the pandemic, the film paints a portrait of courage and empathy.
LauncherVideo Game News and Analysis
A dull mystery lacks depth and never finds its footing.
Movie Review
The two actors deliver breathtaking performances in a film adaptation of August Wilson’s play.
If you still have holiday shopping to do, perhaps one of these books will fit the bill.