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After criticism that he appeared to side with Russia's Vladimir Putin, President Trump said that he misspoke. But he also floated without evidence the possibility that actors other than Russia may have been involved in the election interference.
The Pentagon, State Department and other agencies struggled to publicly reconcile President Trump’s friendly treatment of Vladimir Putin with policies identifying Russia as a chief threat to U.S. security.
The president’s willingness to embrace despots and lambaste allies in pursuit of an unconventional foreign policy has led to political blowback at home.
The Fix
Even as President Trump has oscillated from being tough on and friendly toward North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, he has almost always been deferential to Vladimir Putin.
The story must be told.
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After a defeat in Pennsylvania, Republicans are working to prevent another upset by a young Democrat running as a moderate.
The former Trump campaign chairman had argued that the jury pool in Northern Virginia is too liberal and too saturated with coverage of the case to give him a fair trial. The judge said he is not entitled to a completely ignorant jury, nor one with as many Republicans as Democrats.
MGM Resorts International isn’t seeking money. But it wants courts to agree that any claims from the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history “must be dismissed” because of a federal law passed after the 9/11 attacks.
In disputes over the ownership of embryos, judges have often ruled in favor of the person who does not want them used, following the theory that no one should be forced to be a parent. But Arizona is taking the opposite approach.
The Past, Rediscovered
President Harry S. Truman generally found the Soviets “pigheaded” and hard to work with — but not Joseph Stalin.
It hasn't rained all that much at Carnoustie, and things could get interesting off the tee.
Using data from a happiness monitoring app, plus the locations and times of soccer matches, two economists calculated that the happiness that fans feel when their team wins is outweighed by their sadness after a loss.
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‘Nation’s T. rex’ moves into Washington, gets a look at new home
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