Even though federal officials have stopped separating illegal border crossers from their children, many of the youths removed from migrant parents remain in shelters and foster homes across the country. The U.S. government has done little to help with the reunifications, attorneys say, prompting them to launch a frantic, improvised effort to find the youths.
A family separation system that had been planned and tested over several months vanished at the president’s pen, with no stated plan to reverse its effects.
The National Enquirer’s alleged sharing of material with Michael Cohen highlights the support the tabloid news outlet offered Trump as he ran for president in 2016.
Charles Krauthammer
The columnist, who died at 68, left an enduring mark on The Washington Post and the world. George F. Will, Donald E. Graham, Colbert I. King and Fred Hiatt pay tribute to the writer who passed away Thursday after a battle with cancer. (The Washington Post)
Charles Krauthammer, one of the highest-profile commentators of his generation, championed the muscular foreign policy of neoconservatism that helped lay the ideological groundwork for the 2003 invasion of Iraq. In addition to writing a syndicated column in The Washington Post, which garnered him a Pulitzer in 1987, he was an essayist for magazines across the political spectrum and a near-ubiquitous presence on cable news.
“Longevity for a columnist is a simple proposition: Once you start, you don’t stop. You do it until you die or can no longer put a sentence together.”
“Nothing has so impressed me in my brief experience with fatherhood as the apparent autonomy of a child’s soul, the inner logic by which it seems to develop.”
“When I tell friends that three of us once drove from Washington to New York to see Garry Kasparov play a game, it elicits a look as uncomprehending as if we had driven 200 miles for an egg-eating contest.”
“In a world of rising crime and falling standards, of broken cities and failing schools, the border collie is one of the few things that works. Must we ruin this too?”
“The joy of losing consists in this: Where there are no expectations, there is no disappointment.”
“On the 70th anniversary of Auschwitz, mourning dead Jews is easy. And, forgive me, cheap. Want to truly honor the dead? Show solidarity with the living — Israel and its 6 million Jews.”
“‘Optimism’ is the perfect way to trivialize everything that Reagan was or did.”
“At a time of such tectonic instability, even the most experienced head of state requires wisdom and delicacy to maintain equilibrium. Trump has neither.”
The story must be told.
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The network’s revival of “Roseanne” was canceled over a racist tweet from Barr. ABC ordered 10 episodes of the spinoff, with the working title “The Conners,” after Barr agreed to forgo any creative or financial participation in it.
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Rebranding nutrition and health programs as “public welfare” would adopt the lexicon of the right and fulfill a long-held conservative goal that has the potential to reduce federal help for the neediest Americans.
This is America’s bidding war for workers, an emerging feature of the increasingly tight labor market from the Midwest to the Northeast.
Critic’s Notebook
The Post’s movie critic, who had recused herself from writing an official review of the “Fallen Kingdom” sequel, nevertheless writes that the latest dinosaur romp is the worst example yet of a soulless, imagination-free nostalgia cash-in.
World Cup 2018
As Croatia advances for just the second time as an independent nation, Argentina, a World Cup finalist four years ago, now has limited chances of advancing.
The unanswered questions after Trump's immigration executive order
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Four years after riots in Ferguson, Mo., this part of the city is still reeling
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