The two men will meet Thursday, the White House press secretary said, after officials had described a series of private discussions that pointed to Rod J. Rosenstein's resignation or firing.
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It’s no longer he said vs. she said. Now it’s he said vs. they said. This now raises the question of whether more women will come forward.
His comments come as Democrats and Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee seem to be moving in opposite directions over how to proceed with Breet M. Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court.
“Some are real, and some are not real, or they are hyping them up.”
— Cindy Scriver, Republican stay-at-home mom
“I don't have any doubt in my mind that what she's saying is true.”
— Corin Buskey, Democrat running for statehouse in S.C.
“They were kids.”
— Nancy Bacher, a registered Democrat who voted for Trump
(Jenn Ackerman for The Post)
(Jenn Ackerman for The Post)
Corin Buskey, left, and Vickie Holt. (Jodie Valade for The Post)
Corin Buskey, left, and Vickie Holt. (Jodie Valade for The Post)
From right: Nancy Bacher, Laura Vrbancic and Melissa Blair. (Saundra Amrhein for The Post)
From right: Nancy Bacher, Laura Vrbancic and Melissa Blair. (Saundra Amrhein for The Post)
In Washington, Republicans and Democrats have divided sharply over the dispute between Supreme Court nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh and his accuser Christine Blasey Ford. As Thursday’s Senate hearing into the nomination looms, that is also true across the country.
The story must be told.
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(Courtesy of Kelly Thomas)
(Courtesy of Kelly Thomas)
Several people with spinal cord injuries are now able to stand, take steps and even walk, thanks to the device that stimulates electrical activity, accompanied by months of daily physical therapy.
The president plans to use a United Nations forum to demand that other nations respect American “sovereignty” at a time of uncertainty over U.S. strategy.
The flare-up in tensions between Russia and Israel marks a turnabout after months of personal diplomacy between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
As injured riders pour into emergency departments across the country, doctors have scrambled to document a trend that many view as a growing public safety crisis.
While some countries have hesitated to make cases public, several European countries have chosen a more seemingly confrontational approach to counterespionage.
In locales as far-flung as Denver, Nashville and Sacramento, ambitious eateries are popping up like matzoh balls in broth. And some are amping up classics with artisanal approaches.
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(Elyse Samuels/ The Washington Post)
Republicans and Democrats vehemently split on Kavanaugh
Republicans and Democrats vehemently split on Kavanaugh
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GOP pushes for swift hearing as Kavanaugh accuser discusses terms for testimony
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Fox News hosts give Trump conflicting advice on Rosenstein
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Throwback Thursday: My fake boyfriend
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