Democracy Dies in Darkness
U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Cody Brown checks shells bound for Ukraine at Dover Air Force Base, Del. (AP)
Forty-seven percent of Americans think Washington should urge Ukraine toward a swift peace settlement, according to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs survey.
Kash Patel, former president Donald Trump’s longtime adviser. (Getty Images)
The payments are legal, and a defense lawyer for the witnesses says they are not problematic. But some outside legal experts say they could pose a conflict.
Rosalie Metro as a child with her father. (Courtesy of Rosalie Metro)
I was troubled by this feeling. But it’s more common than you think.
People wait in line to vote on Nov. 26 in Marietta, Ga. (Elijah Nouvelage for The Post)
The system was created in 1964 after the urging of a powerful segregationist. Now, 58 years later, two Black men are competing for a U.S. Senate seat.
Professor Lee Berger of the University of the Witwatersrand holds a reproduction of a Homo naledi skull. (AP)
Charcoal and burned bones offer intriguing — if controversial — clues that the species Homo naledi made hearths to light its way and cook in dark caves.
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