Democracy Dies in Darkness
Republican senators appeared split over whether it was constitutional to hold an impeachment trial for President Trump who had already left office.
The two parties have yet to agree how to operate the 50-50 chamber, gridlock that could make it impossible for President Biden to deliver on key promises as he contends with dueling crises.
The order reflects in part the shifting consensus in American politics away from free trade .
Lawmakers in a private Zoom call raised questions, including whether a new round of $1,400 checks included in the proposal could be more narrowly targeted, according to several people involved.
But the vaccine-elicited antibodies were less efficient at neutralizing the South African variant in a laboratory dish.
In the first outbreaks last spring, people stayed home to avoid contracting the deadly novel coronavirus, regardless of what their governor said, data shows.
The decision comes two weeks after the nation’s third-largest school district called teachers and staff into classrooms and started to lock them out from remote work.
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What Fauci has said about the Trump administration
Anthony S. Fauci, the nation's top infectious disease expert, has begun speaking out about what it was like serving in the Trump administration.
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López Obrador, 67, says he has “light” symptoms. He has frequently downplayed the pandemic, even as the virus has claimed nearly 150,000 lives in Mexico.
Ryu Hyun-woo has been living in South Korea since 2019, and is one of the highest-level regime officials to defect in recent years and a potential source of embarrassment for the country’s leader, Kim Jong Un.
(Sergei Bobylev/TASS)
They came to the United Arab Emirates for work but say employment agencies trafficked them to Syria as domestic workers.
(Nick Ehli for The Post)
As the state’s population booms and its politics shift, proposed federal legislation would safeguard hundreds of miles of iconic waterways.
The selfie photos that off-duty officers took inside the Capitol during the violent siege was a wake-up call for many who have denied the problem.
New rules that went into effect Jan. 1 mean hospitals are now required to disclose the prices they secretly negotiate with insurers. But compliance is spotty.
As shopping habits change, ports and cargo carriers are struggling to keep up. Shipping headaches are threatening higher prices for American consumers.
A California start-up says its peel-and-stick packets can extend food’s shelf life by 50 percent.
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After a firestorm of criticism, the newspaper says it sought to clear up “inaccurate information circulating on Twitter" about freelancer Lauren Wolfe.
Joseph Maldonado-Passage is serving time in federal prison. (Sue Ogrocki/AP)
They’d hired a hairdresser and a "super-stretch turbo diesel" limo for the occasion.
How can she get family members to see her as a person and not just a caregiver?
He steeled himself against being hurt by marrying someone he didn’t love 30 years ago.
Reader doesn’t want to offend, but applying at home could create a mess.
(National YoungArts Foundation)
Set to debut on the YoungArts website on Monday at 8 p.m., “Together” features work by 18 artists, who were each commissioned to create a bird.
His aggressive moves were paired with deference to states’ rights, James Oakes writes.
He had several Top 10 hits in the 1950s, then struggled to recover after a skull fracture in the 1960s.