Democracy Dies in Darkness
The expected opposition would deal a death blow to the measure, which had passed the House, and adds to pressure on Democrats to devise their own path ahead of a series of fiscal deadlines starting this week.
A U.S. Marine assists an Afghan at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul on Aug. 26. (U.S. Marine Corps)
Interviews with more than a dozen military officials and others involved in the rescue of nearly 124,000 reveal how troops, diplomats and others on the ground worked to the point of exhaustion, and how commanders were forced to improvise as the Biden administration struggled to keep up with the crisis.
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An automated tool to block unwanted activity could filter out government critics.
With the court about to open potentially its most divisive terms in years, a debate rages over whether the nine justices are too political — and too powerful.
Dilawar Syed, a Pakistani-American entrepreneur, would be the government's highest-ranking Muslim if confirmed. (AP)
Republicans have accused Dilawar Syed, President Biden's nominee as deputy administrator of the Small Business Administration, of being antisemitic, but Jewish groups have countered that the claims are anti-Musliim.
Amyiah Cohoon was diagnosed in March 2020 with an “acute upper respiratory infection.” (Cohoon family)
A judge ruled that the Marquette County Sheriff’s Office violated high school student Amyiah Cohoon’s First Amendment rights when a sergeant ordered her to delete an Instagram post.
Before the tower-style ride dropped more than 100 feet, operators did not realize that Wongel Estifanos was sitting on top of both of her seat belts, according to a report released by the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment.
Since the program began in June, more than 32,000 people have paid $44 million in fines without facing late fees.
The service is a response to growing demand for increased service between the two capital cities and is part of a plan to re-energize Richmond’s historic station.
Jovan Davis Jr., 12, and fellow students attend the first class last week at Friendship Public Charter Middle School in Southeast Washington. (Astrid Riecken for The Post)
“People say I’m getting older and getting taller, but I don’t really notice it,” said a seventh-grader in D.C. “I’m reconnecting with my friends at school. They changed in their heights, but not really in any other ways.”
Lil Nas X performs onstage during the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards in September. (Getty Images)
What do Lil Nas X's superstardom and DaBaby's controversial comments tell us about homophobia in rap music?
"Picturing the South" brings together works spanning 25 years from some of today's most well-known photographers, including Sally Mann, Dawoud Bey, Alec Soth and more.
Nintendo is serving up gamers another version of its best-selling 2017 console that is nearly identical.