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Biden is set to welcome the Iraqi prime minister Monday and announce the end of the U.S. combat mission in Iraq — part of a broad goal of shifting the U.S. focus from the Middle East.
Flood-damaged Altenahr, Germany, with Seilbahn Street curving around to the left. (Daniel Etter for The Post)
When floodwaters from Germany’s Ahr river swallowed communities and killed hundreds of people earlier this month, residents of the village of Altenahr’s Seilbahn Street witnessed tragic moments and stirring feats of survival.
Health-care chatbots have been used for years, but exploded in popularity over the past year as the system became overwhelmed with covid-related questions and treatment.
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Brazil’s Rayssa Leal and Japan’s Momiji Nishiya share a moment during the skateboarding street final. (Getty Images)
The future of the Olympic skateboarding is now. It also doesn't have much of a past. Japan’s Momiji Nishiya and Brazil’s Rayssa Leal captured the gold and silver, respectively, with their fearless leaps off ramps and railings.


Number of gold, silver, and bronze medals earned by each participating country
RankCountryGold Medals ReceivedSilver Medals ReceivedBronze Medals ReceivedTotal Medals Received
2United States73414
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The dramatic political crisis moved into its second day after President Kais Saied fired the prime minister and suspended parliament, in the most serious test to the country's institutions since its transition to democracy a decade ago.
Rescuers work to seal a dike Monday after it was breached by heavy rains in Hebi, in China’s central Henan province. (AFP/Getty Images)
Officials said the death toll from the floods had climbed to 63, with five people missing, though many users online speculated that the number of people unaccounted for was far higher.
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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on July 25 said she plans to add Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) to the select panel investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection.
The General Assembly will convene a special legislative session on Aug. 2 to take up this proposal and other plans for the roughly $4.3 billion in coronavirus relief funding made available to Virginia as its share of the American Rescue Plan Act.
Police officer Anthony Roling leads Dexter through lockers at the Maryland Correctional Training Center in Hagerstown, Md. (Katherine Frey/The Post)
With homemade prison wine leading to inmate violence and potential deaths, officials say the unit will save lives.
Companies that have been locked out of their computer networks by hackers are now getting sued by consumers and workers claiming they were hurt by lax cybersecurity.
Workers at the Topeka plant had called on the snack food giant to end forced overtime and 84-hour workweeks when the walkout began July 5.
The suit claims that J. Allen Brack was personally aware of multiple instances of sexism and workplace toxicity.
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The Orioles’ Ryan McKenna slides home under Nationals catcher Tres Barrera’s tag. (Getty Images)
The NFL faces a decision about whether to place Watson on paid administrative leave as he faces allegations of inappropriate sexual conduct.
Several starting jobs are up for grabs as Washington opens training camp with a week of practices in Richmond that will be held in front of fans.
Alvin Ailey is pictured in the 1950s with Misaye Kawasaki, Larry Maldonado and Lelia Goldoni of the Lester Horton Dance Group. (Courtesy of Neon)
“If you just throw yourself into it and are not afraid to fail, then that’s when you can learn things,” the musician says of being self-taught.
Signature Theatre, Woolly Mammoth Theatre and Shakespeare Theatre Company are teaming up with Broadway producers, with all three shows running during the holiday season.
A koala, an anteater and a pod of narwhals are part of this kid-friendly safari.
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DICE developers have repeatedly described Battlefield Portal, the newly-revealed creative mode for the upcoming “Battlefield 2042” as a “love letter” to their community.