Democracy Dies in Darkness
Former vice president Mike Pence speaks at an event in Chicago last week. (Anthony Vazquez/Chicago Sun-Times/AP)
(Video: Rob Nightingale via Storyful; photo: AP)
The train was traveling from Los Angeles to Chicago when it struck a construction vehicle at a crossing in Mendon, Mo., Amtrak said.
The U.S. surgeon general, who has lost 10 family members to covid-19, wants to make his mark on our epidemic of loneliness.
The John E. Amos coal-fired power plant. (Stacy Kranitz for The Post)
Kayrros, a firm that analyzes satellite data, says emissions of the potent greenhouse gas “appear to be going in the wrong direction.”
The ailment in older adults has received little attention, even though research suggests seniors are more likely to develop it than younger or middle-aged adults.
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In at least 178 cases over three years, law enforcement killed the individuals they were called to assist.
The recipients are Spec. 5th Class Dwight D. Birdwell, Maj. John J. Duffy, Spec. 5th Class Dennis M. Fujii and Staff Sgt. Edward N. Kaneshiro.
Michael Derry is the superintendent of the Utopia Independent School District, where some school personnel are armed. (Joshua Lott/The Post)