Democracy Dies in Darkness
Since the U.S. killing of a key Iranian general two years ago, Iran-backed militias have acquired scores of attack drones — along with a growing willingness to use them.
Scientists stressed the positive in their research: Omicron did not escape antibodies completely, and people who had been previously infected and vaccinated with two shots had “relatively high” protection against the variant.
The legislation, which passed 363 to 70, directs an independent review of the Afghanistan war’s legacy and errors, and establishes a new means for the military to prosecute sexual assault and related crimes.
The compromise arrived eight days before a critical deadline, averting what would have been another political and economic crisis.
On Sept. 29, 1978, the Vatican announced that John Paul I was dead of a heart attack, his body discovered in bed by a priest who served as his personal secretary. That was just the first version of what happened.
Those who work with racehorses day upon day know in their bones the possibility of illness, racing injuries or sudden, inconceivable collapse.
(Bill O'Leary/The Washington Post)
Fred Hiatt1955-2021
Over the course of his tenure on the editorial page, as an editorial writer, columnist and editorial page editor, Fred Hiatt wrote hundreds of signed columns and even more unsigned editorials. His topics ranged broadly, but if there was one theme that dominated, it was his fierce commitment to protecting human rights and safeguarding democracy, at home and abroad.
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Manatees feed at a care center in Tampa. (AFP/Getty Images)
More than 1,000 Florida manatees — about 15 percent of the state’s population — have died this year, many from starvation as their food sources disappear.
A healthy snowpack this winter could help replenish water levels during the spring melt season but, if snowpack is limited, deficits will deepen.
The U.S. climate envoy said no government in the world can fund clean energy at the scale necessary to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, but the private sector could help fill that gap in investment.
Ed Hatz of Lakewood, Calif., poses as Santa at the 84th annual Charles W. Howard Santa Claus School in Midland, Mich.
For those who don’t play video games, buying a gift for a gamer can be a risky proposition. While everyone may want one of the new-generation consoles, we’re going to focus on some less expensive, easier to find ideas.
For many who spent more than $800 on the calendar, opening the doors resulted in limited luxuries and a lot of disappointment.
The Cornell University law professor, an outspoken critic of Wall Street banks, had been in line to oversee them as comptroller of the currency. Omarova had faced pushback from Republicans as well as moderate Democrats.
For all of his bluster on the subject, when his life was on the line, hydroxychloroquine was apparently not part of the picture.
President Biden and first lady Jill Biden visit the World War II Memorial on Tuesday. (Reuters)
The president and first lady Jill Biden also paid tribute to the late senator Robert J. Dole, who was awarded two Purple Hearts for his service in the war.
The British prime minister called allegations that he had intervened to help airlift dogs and cats from Afghanistan “complete nonsense.” But a lawmaker produced a letter from a top Johnson aide that “authorized” the evacuation.
Tigrayan refugees at Hamdeyat Transition Center near the Sudan-Ethiopia border in March. (AP)
The abduction of a Nairobi businessman in late November led to escalating concern in the Tigrayan community.
Yusaku Maezawa, 46, who is flying on a Russian spacecraft, joins a small group of wealthy entrepreneurs who are also private space travelers.
The issues at its East Coast data centers left customers unable to use services from companies such as collaboration-software provider Smartsheet.
(Microsoft/Xbox Game Studios/Washington Post illustration)
LauncherVideo Game News & Analysis
“Halo Infinite” hasn’t even officially released yet, but its esports circuit has hosted a series of open competitions for hundreds of teams vying for a spot to compete in the game’s first major tournament later this month.
The lawmakers voted in favor of a plan to redraw the boundaries of the city’s wards, making the fast-growing Navy Yard neighborhood a part of the historically low-income Ward 8 and the easternmost section of Capitol Hill a part of Ward 7.
Isabella Sanchez with her fifth-grade students at Garrison Elementary School in D.C. (Allison Shelley for The Post)
While educators in D.C. are more racially diverse than the national average, the city’s public and public charter schools have struggled to resolve a deficit of Latino teachers and male teachers of color.
Garnet Hathaway joined Trevor van Riemsdyk and Nic Dowd on the list. All Capitals players and staffers are fully vaccinated, but the team’s booster status is unclear.
There are highlights. There are potential blowouts. There are 6-6 teams tangling at odd times of the day. And here’s the annual rundown of it all, a guide of what’s to come.
Tony and Susie Troxler with baby Lily in Greensboro, N.C., on Oct. 3. (Courtesy of Susie Troxler)
"Having her in our lives is really quite the miracle,” Susie Troxler said about her infant.
Their son’s wife is shy and distant. How can these in-laws build a better relationship with her?
Reader’s husband understands they can’t see his unvaccinated family, but says they also shouldn’t see reader’s vaccinated mother.
Reader helps callers with questions, but finds it hard to end unrelated conversation that follows.
In ABC's latest "Live in Front of a Studio Audience" special, Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Hart, Gabrielle Union, Jon Stewart and more A-listers reenacted episodes of two classic sitcoms.
“Bo Burnham: Inside” and "Reservation Dogs” stood out in 2021. (Joanne Lee/The Post; Netflix; FX; iStock)
The young poet delivers another stirring critique of modern America in a book that is at once pointed and hopeful.
A posthumously published story collection by the best-selling author of “The Shadow of the Wind” blends the familiar with a new perspective.