Democracy Dies in Darkness
gun violence
The CritiquePerspective
Existing may well be the greatest leap of faith that one can make in this country of hate and guns and fear. There is also no end in sight.
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Yevgeny Vindman suffered “swift” reduction in responsibilities as White House adviser after raising alarm about the president’s actions toward Ukraine, the Defense Department inspector general’s office determined.
As fans enter Southern Hills for Monday's practice round, they are greeted by a poster of 2021 champion Phil Mickelson. (Erik S Lesser/EPA-EFE/REX/Shutterstock)
Mickelson has opted not to defend the Wanamaker Trophy he won last year in historic fashion, and his absence is very much a presence at Southern Hills.
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West Virginians’ skepticism about a clean-energy shift — whether from Sen. Joe Manchin III or even those working on a new wind farm — complicates President Biden’s climate push.
Toyota displays prototypes of electric vehicles at its showroom in Tokyo. (Bloomberg News)
Amid rising gas prices and climate change, car giants are in a fierce contest to perfect the solid-state battery, long viewed as a "holy grail" for electric vehicles.
That deadly toll — 9 million people each year — has killed more people than war, terrorism, road injuries, malaria, drugs and alcohol.
See how many properties are at risk in your region.
Richmond Highway, as seen from Holly Hill Road on Wednesday. The area is set for a transformation. (Michael S. Williamson/The Post)
Rebranded as "Potomac Banks," the southeastern portion of Fairfax County is where county officials hope to add 10,000 new homes by 2030 with new bus lanes on an expanded Richmond Highway.
(Jonathan Newton/The Post)
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Luka Doncic is destined to surpass Jason Kidd. But first, he's lifting him up.
The Orioles pitcher said he gave oxycodone to his then-Angels teammate in 2019. Skaggs died that year while under the effects of opioids and alcohol.
Ruiz, 23, and backup catcher Riley Adams, 25, are early in their careers.