White House calls for Trump acquittal as Senate prepares for a swift trial

The White House offered the first glimpse of its defense strategy in a legal brief that called the charges against the president “structurally deficient.” Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, meanwhile, circulated an organizing resolution for the proceedings that will begin Tuesday.

Religious-schools case heads to a high court skeptical of stark lines between church and state

Schools such as Stillwater Christian in Montana are watching what could be a landmark case testing the constitutionality of state laws that exclude religious organizations from government funding.
(Illustration by Cece Pascual/The Post)
(Illustration by Cece Pascual/The Post)
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For female leaders, humor is a blessing. Unless it’s a curse.

The list of double standards women face on their path to public office is long, but there’s one quality that’s almost always left out of the conversation: their humor. They need to be likable, so they’re told to be funny. But not too funny.

China urges travel restrictions in bid to limit outbreak as number of confirmed cases jumps

Health authorities sought to impose a quasi-quarantine around Wuhan, a city of 11 million people where the virus is believed to have originated. The country has confirmed nearly 300 cases, an increase of more than 70 from Monday.

A crumbling bridge and restorative justice

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The Vermont senator apologized for an op-ed written by a prominent supporter that came amid rising tensions in the race.
The caravan presented a new test for the Mexican government, which promised the Trump administration last year that it would step up enforcement.
While experts cautioned into over-interpreting the change, but Ri Son Gwan, the new foreign minister, has a reputation for being a hard-line, testy negotiator.
But the folks who attended the Virginia gun rights rally are afraid of the wrong thing.
The 77-year-old tennis great, winner of 24 Grand Slam singles titles, has views that Martina Navratilova has said are “pathetic in every way.”
People often learn they have it when by developing an autoimmune disease. But the ailment might also play a role with heart disease, cancer and other disorders.
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A singer-songwriter apologized, closed his eyes, dropped his head and died onstage

David Olney, 71, paused, said “I’m sorry” and put his chin to his chest, according to a fellow musician.
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Visiting Tokyo? Here’s how to ride the train like a local.

Tip No. 1: If you are riding the train for the first time in Japan, it’s important to be considerate of the people around you.
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With frozen summer fruit, you can relive sweet, sunny days in these 8 recipes

Frozen summer fruit can help capture the magic of summer in the middle of winter.
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