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Limited data impede any firm conclusions about the threat posed by omicron and whether it can evade immunity.
The request, expected to be granted quickly, is an effort to increase protections for more people, according to two people familiar with the situation.
If they succeed, the former president and his backers could pull down some of the guardrails that prevented him from overturning President Biden’s victory, critics say.
Nearly a year after President Biden vowed to make environmental justice a centerpiece of his climate policy, EPA chief Michael Regan traveled to an area where African Americans experience some of the worst pollution in the nation and suffer from cancer rates well above the U.S. average.
In a tweet, Dorsey said he was resigning. CTO Parag Agrawal will take over as CEO. Nasdaq earlier suspended Twitter stock trades amid the reports Dorsey would step down.
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The commission is trying to unravel the causes of the supply chain disruptions that are clouding the economic recovery.
Secretary of State Antony Blinken left Monday on a trip to Europe, and Washington is looking to consolidate a position among allies.
Lee Elder with his first tee shot at the Masters in Augusta, Ga., on April 10, 1975. (AP)
Lee Elder1934–2021
Elder shattered one of golf’s last racial barriers when in 1975 he became the first African American to compete in the tradition-bound Masters tournament in Augusta, Ga.
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Britain's Prince Charles arrived Sunday in Barbados, as the Caribbean island nation prepares to remove Queen Elizabeth II as head of state. (Reuters)
The easternmost Caribbean island, known for cricket, rum and Rihanna, will become the first Commonwealth realm in nearly three decades to declare itself a republic.
The prosecutor described “horrific abuse” of victims, while the defense attorney questioned the accounts.
Supporters raised more than $40,000 for the Fulton County Library. (Fulton County Library)
Fundraising campaigns have brought in $40,000 for the small library, far exceeding the $3,000 that was rejected by the local government.
Agencies will continue to counsel, but not suspend or fire, federal employees who have not yet complied with the vaccine mandate until at least early next year, the White House has told unions.
The sheer volume of people flying for the Thanksgiving holiday marked a milestone for air travel’s return to pre-pandemic levels.
(iStock/Washington Post Illustration)
It’s common to install apps without thinking about what we have access to.
Israeli is heightening restrictions on cyber vendors amid international pressure.
Abloh wasn’t interested in blowing up the fashion system. He was simply looking to blow open the door.
His words and music made a profound impact, beginning in the 1950s with his lyrics for “West Side Story” and continuing with his scores for “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum” and others.