Democracy Dies in Darkness
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said the town of Lyman, which Russian troops have used as a key logistics hub in Ukraine’s eastern Donetsk region, was completely “cleared of Russian occupiers,” the Defense Ministry said on Twitter.
(Ted Richardson for The Post)
Sanibel, off the southwestern Florida mainland, has welcomed the rich and poor, famous and unknown. After a massive hit from Hurricane Ian, its recovery is uncertain.
(Video: James Cornsilk/The Post; photo: Ryan Young  for The Post)
Can you tell the difference between these digital and vinyl recordings? To audiophiles, there’s no comparison.
(Joshua Lott/The Post)
Amid a historic U.S. teacher shortage, a “Most Outstanding Teacher” from the Philippines tries to help save a struggling school in rural Arizona.
Democratic House candidate Maxwell Frost of Florida. (Thomas Simonetti for The Post)
President Biden and the Democrats hoped to run on their accomplishments. Instead, they've switched to an almost dystopian portrait of the country under Republicans.
(Jimmy Dean)
A two-man team of competitive fishermen was disqualified from an Ohio fishing event after a tournament director found weights inside their walleye.
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