Democracy Dies in Darkness
(Sarah Hashemi, Monica Rodman, Monica Akhtar/The Washington Post)
Domestic terrorism data shows right-wing violence is on the rise in America. Here's how lawmakers and the FBI are responding.
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National Guard personnel stand at their posts outside the U.S. Capitol in March. (AP)
Republicans are facing pressure to disavow that it was supporters of former president Donald Trump who attacked the U.S. Capitol.
How the president is pursuing his agenda.
President Biden’s transition has been slower than previous ones. 
President Biden hopes his plan will echo FDR, create a legacy and help rebuild America. How to get it done is a lot less clear.
Both countries have now expelled several of each other’s diplomats after the Czech Republic linked two Russian spies to a 2014 attack on a munitions depot that killed two civilians.
It is one of the world’s first experiments in reopening long-shuttered borders to quarantine-free travel.
Flames near Cape Town, South Africa, on Monday after a bush fire broke out on the slopes of Table Mountain. (Mike Hutchings/Reuters)
Strong winds have pushed the fire toward densely-populated areas above Cape Town. Tourist sites, such as the Table Mountain aerial cableway, have been temporarily closed.
The Trump administration cut the U.S. government adrift from broad international consensus. President Biden has shifted course.
Few Europeans thought it was a good idea for Montenegro to take the mammoth loan to build a highway. The tiny, mountainous country is asking the E.U. for help to repay the debt — and the answer, so far, has been no.
RetropolisThe Past, Rediscovered
A letter feeds conspiracy theories, but historians don’t believe it.
Bob Sonderman drives a Veterans Affairs mobile medical unit from Libby, Mont., to Sandpoint, Idaho. (Tony Bynum for The Post)
The Department of Veterans Affairs has set out on a labor-intensive effort to offer the vaccine to former servicemembers. What VA is learning suggests challenges ahead in getting the nation to herd immunity.
The Tencent Holdings Ltd. headquarters in Shenzhen, China. (Qilai Shen/Bloomberg)
The plaintiffs, a mix of U.S. and Chinese citizens living in California, filed the suit anonymously because they fear Beijing will punish them or their family members.
A key factor in the shortage is a culture of hiring requirements that many experts agree don't reflect what's needed for entry-level employees. Those excessive requirements can deter people who are qualified from applying.
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