Democracy Dies in Darkness
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Robert Malley, U.S. special envoy for Iran.(AP)
“The military option cannot resolve this issue” and prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon, Robert Malley told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Wednesday. “There is no military response...we’ve heard this repeatedly,” including from Israel, he said. “The only option here is the diplomatic one.”
The Interstate 980 flyover from Interstate 580 in West Oakland, Calif. (Getty Images)
The data released by Aclima — a California-based tech company that measured the region’s air quality block-by-block for the first time — found that communities of color and low-income communities are exposed to much more pollution than mostly White communities.
Anthony Aje, right, as Conor and Keith Gilmore, left, as the Monster in “A Monster Calls” at the Kennedy Center. (Manuel Harlan)
Director Sally Cookson talks about her theatrical adaptation of the acclaimed novel “A Monster Calls,” now at the Kennedy Center.
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The update adds options for preset pronouns like he/him and she/her as well as custom ones.
Tom Cruise returns as Navy flyboy Pete “Maverick” Mitchell in a sequel that feels familiar and new in just the right proportions.