Democracy Dies in Darkness
(Video: Ashleigh Joplin, Danielle Kunitz, Whitney Shefte/The Post; photo: Oliver Contreras/The Post)
Throughout America's history, Black women have fought for civil rights and women's rights, often at great personal risk. They paved the way for Kamala Harris, the first woman, first Black and first Asian American vice president.
In Italy, a year of covid-19 concentrated its blow on a single, already-vulnerable age group.
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The White House’s decision to withdraw Neera Tanden as the nominee to lead the Office of Management and Budget set off a new political scramble in Washington on Wednesday.
Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) talks to reporters while leaving the U.S. Capitol on Feb. 12. (Astrid Riecken for The Post)
The independent-minded Republican senator says she is focused on securing help for Alaska, which has been hit hard by the pandemic: “My state needs relief.”
Texas lifts its mask mandate and allows all businesses to open without capacity restrictions. President Biden’s first failed Cabinet nomination. And the building that reminds people of … the poop emoji.
John Farrell, Brian Monroe/The Washington Post
How Novavax uses moth cells to create its coronavirus vaccine
Novavax, a biotech company out of Gaithersburg, Md., uses recombinant protein technology to create their coronavirus vaccine.
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Some health experts say the pope’s trip to a country with fewer resources to manage the pandemic is risky.
This public airing of royal laundry is remarkable. In past scandals, the palace was loath to comment on anything, let alone internal investigations of how royal family members treat their courtiers and servants.
Relatives move the body of Sadia Sadat, one of the three Afghan female journalists of Enikass Radio Television Network, in Jalalabad, Afghanistan. (EPA-EFE/Shutterstock)
The three women were reportedly gunned down as they walked home from work.
Gila Gamliel blamed one of the nation’s worst ecological disasters on an act of “environmental terrorism.” But other Israeli government officials, including some in her ministry, expressed skepticism about the claim, according to local media reports.
Plans for the Olympics are taking shape, with most athletes vaccinated, probably no overseas spectators and limits on domestic fans.
The website opened Feb. 15 for an extra three months of enrollment. (AP)
President Biden ordered insurance marketplaces to reopen to help more people find insurance amid the coronavirus pandemic.
U.S. Customs and Border Patrol said the victims of Tuesday's crash in California were likely recent border crossers. At least 13 people were killed.
The white-and-blue porcelain bowl turned out to be a rare 15th century Chinese artifact and is thought to be one of only seven known to exist in the world.
In a push to restart executions, a group of bipartisan state senators voted in favor of adding firing squads as an execution method.
This is the worst drought, in terms of its geographical scope, in more than 20 years.
Recent years have seen a significant uptick in hurricane activity, both in terms of storm numbers and intensity.
D.C. will scrap its problem-riddled vaccine sign-up website. In Virginia, health departments and hospitals will hold large-scale vaccination clinics. Montgomery County expanded vaccine eligibility in its county-run clinics.
The announcement came after the academy confined students to their rooms and shifted to virtual classes for at least 10 days.
During a day of filming, instructors Terrence Smith, left, and Rodney “Red” Grant, second from left, assist Brandon Craddock. (Andrea Smith)
D.C.-raised comedian Rodney “Red” Grant dreamed up the “Don’t Shoot Guns. Shoot Cameras” effort after his nephew, a rap artist, was shot and killed in Washington while filming a music video.
Google is going further in its efforts to stop advertisers from following people around the Web. But the changes are likely to cement the company's power online even more.
The country’s largest retailer says the 10-year investment will help create 750,000 jobs.
(Samuel Corum/Bloomberg News)
With their plans for trillions in stimulus relief packages and push for a $15-an-hour minimum wage, Democrats are dismissing concerns about the rising national debt and inflationary pressures.
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The move to end the NFL's longest-running cheerleading squad came less than one month after Washington halted its all-female program, after a confidential settlement with ex-cheerleaders who were unwitting subjects of lewd videos.
Major League Baseball sent a memo to teams informing them the Class AAA season will be pushed back a month and that they will be able to utilize alternate training sites to keep players close in case of covid-19 outbreaks.
Ravens kicker Justin Tucker attempts an onside kick. (Jonathan Newton/The Post)
Winslow, once the highest-paid tight end in the league and the son of a Hall of Famer, was convicted of sexual offenses against five women in California dating to 2003.
Lester, 37, was feeling fatigued in spring training before he and the Nationals decided a procedure was the best option.