The warning of staff cuts at the Office of Personnel Management is the administration’s most dramatic move yet in an escalating fight over the fate of the agency that manages the civilian federal workforce of 2.1 million.
The agency’s new carbon reduction target requires less than half of what experts say is needed to avert catastrophic warming of the planet.
An investigator called for greater scrutiny of the Saudi crown prince and other officials in the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.
Bernard and Lisa Selz are big donors to a group that has played a central role in this year’s measles outbreaks.
“Gravity sucks. It’s horrible.”
— Sandy Magnus, flew three NASA shuttle flights between 2002 and 2011
“It’s really hard not to play with your food.”
— Jim Voss, who holds the world record with Susan Helms for the longest spacewalk, at 8 hours and 56 minutes
“You feel that you’re close to the creator.”
— Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, first Malaysian astronaut; flew to the International Space Station in 2007
“It was just a totally different moon than I had grown up with.”
— Michael Collins, NASA command module pilot for Apollo 11 in 1969
(Bewilder for the Post)
The Post asked 50 astronauts to describe the marvelous and the mundane of living beyond Earth’s bounds.
A Dutch-led investigation into the 2014 wreck over Ukraine named four suspects, including a former leader of Russian-backed separatists in the region.
Campaign 2020
Fact Checker
In launching his reelection bid, the president gave phony numbers on trade, made unfounded claims about immigrants and repeated false comments about the Mueller probe.
Hope Hicks is testifying behind closed doors with the House Judiciary Committee.
A U.S. Navy commander said that debris and a magnet left behind on the ship bore “a striking resemblance” to limpet mines advertised by Iranian forces.
By The Way
A Post Travel Destination
(Washington Post illustration; iStock)
(Washington Post illustration; iStock)
Ever wonder why you tear up at in-flight entertainment or crave tomato juice in the air? Experts have opinions about the reasons.
(Washington Post illustration)
(Washington Post illustration)
In Case You Missed It
For most Americans, robocalls are a nuisance. For hospitals, spam calls can be a life-or-death threat in a setting where every second counts.
(Makailah Jenkins)
(Makailah Jenkins)
Harassment and being rated on looks have long been a part of high school. But some teens are walking out in protest, confronting classmates and posting fliers to try to change the dynamic.
(The Washington Post)
(The Washington Post)
Special Report
Patrick Shanahan said he regretted explaining his son’s 2011 assault on his ex-wife with a baseball bat as an act of self-defense.
(Kate Woodsome, Gillian Brockell, Konrad Aderer/The Washington Post)
Opinion | Trump's migrant centers are eerily similar to Japanese American concentration camps
Opinion | Trump's migrant centers are eerily similar to Japanese American concentration camps
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Trump makes immigration his top priority for his 2020 bid, vowing mass deportations
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A tale of two Trump presidential announcements | The Fact Checker
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Want to buy your own town? It's not entirely impossible.
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