Democracy Dies in Darkness
The New York City Housing Authority said in a statement that poor living conditions are reflective of the desperate need for federal funds to upgrade the nation’s decaying public housing stock.
Beer gardens, pop-up bars and a 1,600-seat performing arts center have landed in a neighborhood that for many people is synonymous with shopping.
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But the Saudi crown prince gave no details on how the kingdom could retool its vast oil and gas industry.
Erdogan’s comments threatened to further damage his government’s foundering efforts to repair Turkey’s economy.
Clubgoers line up to get into a nightclub in London. (Rob Pinney/Getty Images)
The practice involves attackers administering an injection without a victim’s knowledge or consent. Nottinghamshire Police said that they had received 15 reports of alleged spiking with a sharp object since Oct. 2, with the majority of reports made by women, in venues across the popular university town.
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The vastly different ways these small towns are managing their water supplies highlight how uneven California’s brutal drought has been across the state — and even within a single county.
Germany personifies the global disconnect in the climate fight, with pledges to cut carbon, but continued investments in fossil fuels.
At Maiz64, Oaxacan chef Alam Méndez Florián shows flashes of innovative cooking.
New developments have brought beer gardens, pop-up bars and a 1,600-seat performing arts center to Tysons.
Día de los Muertos returns to the Wharf, and the 17th Street High Heel Race celebrates its 34th edition.
Haley Fohr performs as Circuit des Yeux — a name that translates to “eye circuit” (Evan Jenkins)
It’s not yet October, but Haley Fohr has already ensconced herself in orange. It’s not decoration in anticipation of Halloween, but rather a celebration of a frequency of color that resonates with the musician, who emerged from some of her bleakest moments to make the orchestral and alluring “-io.”