Democracy Dies in Darkness
The State Department announced a new visa restriction policy against anyone “acting on behalf of a foreign government” involved in “serious, extraterritorial counter-dissident activities,” but the restrictions will not be applied against Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.
Consumers are inundating lawmakers with stories of late bills — and the late fees they’ve absorbed.
Joggers run in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. (Sarah Blesener for The Post)
There is a good chance that by summer, many aspects of life will be reminiscent of a time before the coronavirus — as long as vaccinations continue to increase and Americans stay careful during the spring, according to epidemiologists, modelers and virologists.
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Use of the vast database offers another example of how government agencies  target commercial sources to access information they're not authorized to compile on their own. “When you sign up for electricity, you don’t expect them to send immigration agents to your front door,” one researcher said.
Pedestrians leave a cafe in Du Quoin, Ill. A coronavirus outbreak at Fairview Rehabilitation and Healthcare resulted in multiple deaths last fall.
When covid-19 became a reality in Southern Illinois in November, flooding across the plains, it illuminated a deeper, underlying problem in small-town America.
Monica Rodman, Sarah Hashemi, Monica Akhtar/The Washington Post
Who will get a third stimulus check and why?
Economic stimulus or economic relief: Here’s what we know about who might qualify for the next round of coronavirus checks and how much they’ll get.
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The plan represents a backup proposal to Democrats’ efforts to increase the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour — a provision in the covid relief stimulus package that the Senate’s parliamentarian ruled out.
Starting second from left, D.C. Council Chair Phil Mendelson, D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser and city resident Kerwin Miller are sworn in at the House Committee on Oversight and Reform’s D.C. statehood hearing in 2019. (Bill O'Leary/The Post)
A growing number of states have filed resolutions supporting, or opposing, D.C. statehood.
Haijun Si’s home has been targeted by teens who shout racial slurs, hurl rocks and pound on their door.
Some of the same places that were 50 degrees colder than normal 10 days ago are now running 20 or more degrees above normal.
The change would reflect an increasing tendency for early-season storms to form ahead of the internationally agreed-upon June 1 conventional start date in an effort to respond to observed trends.
This Black History Month, as history struggles to keep up with current events, we can remember how we got here as we keep our eyes on the future.
Gov. Larry Hogan will not veto three-year payments to low-income workers who don’t have Social Security numbers.
People wait in a recovery area after receiving the coronavirus vaccine at a tented clinic in Washington. (Salwan Georges/The Post)
Within 40 minutes Friday, all 4,350 appointments available to D.C. residents who are at least 65, have health problems or qualifying jobs were filled.
Campus facilities will reopen and students will be permitted to gather in groups of six, officials said.
Sharbat in Adams Morgan welcomes visitors with expertly made sweet and savory baked goods from Azerbaijan.
The National Museum of Mathematics presents an augmented-reality art show you look at on your phone.
A new anthology compiles decades of music writing from the 90-year-old jazz critic.
After a federal judge ruled that the moratorium issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is unconstitutional, advocates for landlords and for tenants disagree over what it means for renters.
Agencies should not automatically disqualify job applicants or discipline employees for using marijuana, says the Office of Personnel Management.
(Texas Farm Bureau)
The loss of fruits and vegetables during last week’s cold snap in Texas could lead to shortfalls at food banks and higher prices at grocery stores.
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