Democracy Dies in Darkness
The Democratic governor said “Trumpism” was on the ballot in his recall race. His win has boosted his national profile.
Though most immigrants who have reached Europe through unofficial channels in recent years have faced hardship, the Afghan experience has been particularly grueling.
(European Union, Copernicus Sentinel-3 data processed by DG DEFIS)
The massive storm trucked copious tropical moisture onto the eastern side of the island — rare for this time of the year.
A recent survey found that young people tend to worry more about climate change harming them than older adults.
The Taliban leadership is “closer than a family,” Abdul Ghani Baradar said.
The death of Adnan Abu Walid al-Sahrawi, who led Islamic State in the Greater Sahara, comes as France is drawing down its forces in a region facing the menace of extremism.
The rise in academic grant fraud cases, and several dismissals, boosts concerns that researchers of Chinese descent are being unfairly targeted.
Cunhaporanga Tatuyo, 22, publishes information about the culture of her people — the Tatuyo. (Raphael Alves for The Post)
To her surprise, Cunhaporanga Tatuyo became a TikTok star by sharing glimpses of her daily life in a remote indigenous community in the Amazon.
Children’s National Hospital enacted a surge plan to deal with the number of patients, while Inova Children’s Hospital said it is near capacity.
Aalayah Eastmond, a 20-year-old D.C. college student, hid under a classmate’s body during a school shooting. (Courtesy of Aalayah Eastmond)
A D.C. college student and other school shooting survivors appear in a new video that turns Katy Perry’s song into a mournful anthem.
The D.C. punk-metal quartet celebrates its new album at D.C. Brau on Wednesday.
Jenny Lewis, Soccer Mommy, Keiyaa and Breland perform this week.
A new adaptation of ‘Doña Rosita the Spinster’ features an unmarried woman looking back on her youth.
Kyle Finnegan surrendered four runs in the ninth inning as Miami rallied to an 8-6 victory over the Nationals on Wednesday afternoon at Nationals Park.
Washington Football Team quarterback Taylor Heinicke will be the team’s ninth starting quarterback since 2018 when it hosts the New York Giants tonight. (John McDonnell/The Post)
Heinicke’s job is, for now, a temporary position. But in Washington, the labels “starter” and “backup” are often interchangeable.
Kamara, who has scored in three straight matches, converted three times in the first half to give D.C. a 3-0 win over the Chicago Fire.
Associate head coach Eric Thibault will lead the Mystics in games against New York and Minnesota on Friday and Sunday with a WNBA playoff spot on the line.
Trail designers and maintainers are the unseen architects guiding the interaction of humans and nature.
On ParentingPerspective
I don’t want her to wear a crop top, but I also don’t want to fight.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (l.) and Aurora James (r.) talk with reporters on the red carpet for the 2021 Met Gala. (Justin Lane/EPA-EFA/Shutterstock)
The progressive Democrat defended her attendance of the Met Gala, a $35,000 a person fundraiser and New York's premier fashion events.
Mom with an abusive history demands changes to her daughter's wedding plans "to feel special and celebrated."
Reader says the two share interests and values, but this issue is a sticking point.
Hosts tell retirement party guests that event will include “money tree.”