American consumers are holding up the global economy. Some worry it might not last.

As a number of signs point to a possible downturn in the United States, economists are growing more skeptical that consumers will continue to open up their wallets as freely, possibly hastening the arrival of the first U.S. recession in a decade.
The Take

Trump has one playbook, and very few plays left in it

He’s mastered tweeting from the bleachers but still struggles with the complexities of governing.

Trump’s speech at a Shell plant drew thousands of workers. They were paid overtime to be there.

Workers at a Royal Dutch Shell plant in Monaca, Pa., were forced to choose Tuesday between attending a speech by President Trump or forgoing overtime pay that their co-workers would earn.
(Mitch Gee/The Washington Post)
(Mitch Gee/The Washington Post)
'All The Best People'

The Ghostwriter: How Stephen Miller scripts Trump’s immigration policy

With unswerving loyalty, the 33-year-old senior adviser has singular control of an issue central to Donald Trump's presidency and is writing the main plot.

The ‘follow up appointment’: When a trip to the hospital leads to a date in court

Unpaid medical bills are among the leading causes of personal debt and bankruptcy in the United States, and what’s happening in rural areas such as Butler County, Mo., is a main reason why.
The attack goes to the heart of the Afghan capital’s entertainment scene which revolves around massive weddings.
Jean-Luc Brunel, who has been the subject of allegations for decades, had befriended financier Jeffrey Epstein.
"Fjord to Trump: Drop dead" is a Greenland-themed play on a headline from when then-President Gerald Ford initially refused to bail New York City out of bankruptcy in 1975.
Richard B. Cheney has been critical of the Trump administration’s foreign policy moves.
A tin-can chimney, eight solar panels and a TV antenna taped to a tree were just the first clues to a wanted man’s meticulously planned escape, officials say.
The person who includes a Myers-Briggs descriptor already has a distinct personality type unto itself.
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Two things Post video journalist Nicole Ellis learned on her trek: Bringing snacks is a great conversation-starter, and coconut oil is clutch in various situations.
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Weekend Picks
An American in the 1940s would not recognize the woman from the “We Can Do It!” poster as Rosie.
(Whitney Shefte/The Washington Post)
The vaccine fight: A mother’s battle to protect her daughter in California
The vaccine fight: A mother’s battle to protect her daughter in California
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The Iowa State Fair didn’t miss Trump — he was everywhere.
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How the new Trump immigration rule targets poor legal migrants
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What to consider before packing up and retiring abroad
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