The children taken from their parents now live and wait in unfamiliar places: big American suburban houses where no one speaks their language; a locked shelter on a dusty road; a converted Walmart where they must stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance in English daily.
In a pair of tweets, President Trump described immigrants as invaders and wrote that U.S. immigration laws are “a mockery” and must be changed. His latest exhortations sowed more confusion among Republicans ahead of a planned immigration vote this week.
Few laws expressly prohibit refusing to serve someone over political views. But shunning people for their ideology or affiliation has been relatively uncommon — until now.
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U.S. commanders worry that if they must head off a conflict in Eastern Europe, a mixture of bureaucracy, bad planning and decaying infrastructure could let Russia grab NATO territory while American planners are filling out the 17 forms needed to cross Germany into Poland.
Torrential rains have become more frequent and more intense, with extreme flooding and perilous infrastructure failures. Large storms now drop far more rain at a faster clip because warmer air holds more water, according to experts.
The story must be told.
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Serving a president used to grant a level of prestige that could lead to book deals, television contracts, corporate boards or even a possible university presidency. But President Trump may have broken that prestige payoff system.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said voters had “handed him” the presidency in the pivotal vote that gives him not only another term, but also sweeping executive powers under a new presidential system that curbs the authority of parliament and the judiciary.
Like-minded travelers turned a Dallas hotel into a place where right-leaning women who feel under attack on their liberal school campuses can don their MAGA hats, learn to develop right-wing Instagram pages and question the existence of the patriarchy without fear of insult.
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After she was booted from Cuba Libre Restaurant & Rum Bar for using the women's restroom, Charlotte Clymer called police and later praised them, saying that officers showed up within minutes to reassure her the law was on her side.
Donald Hall
Hall became one of his generation’s most celebrated and durable poets and was awarded the National Medal of the Arts in 2010 by President Barack Obama.
Jordan was selling water outside the San Francisco apartment building where she lives to help raise money for a family trip to Disneyland. Her sidewalk hawking greatly upset her neighbor.
World Cup 2018
Six teams have already advanced. For the rest, some of the most dramatic moments will play out over the next four days.
Restaurant owner who asked Sarah Sanders to leave speaks out
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Trump promotes deporting undocumented immigrants 'immediately' without due process
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'It feels weird, I'm so happy': Saudi women get behind the wheel for the first time
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The Trump administration’s war on asylum seekers
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