Inside the talks on the big bailout: Frantic negotiations, partisan tensions and a tweet

Amid fear about the coronavirus in the Capitol, the administration and congressional negotiators faced multiple obstacles before reaching a deal.

Trump signs $2 trillion bill to blunt virus fallout

Agencies are rushing to implement the law, which will send $1,200 payments to Americans and create programs to disburse close to $1 trillion in business loans and guarantees.

Trump seeks to ramp up production of medical equipment after harsh criticism

The president issued an order to allow the government to force General Motors to manufacture ventilators. The action represented an about-face after he had largely dismissed the outcry for ventilators.

‘Mission critical’ federal employees and contractors are still reporting to the office, terrified they’ll get sick

The federal bureaucracy has been slow to act to protect the health of many in its workforce, according to employees, managers and contractors.
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(Mark Pernice for The Post)
(Mark Pernice for The Post)
(Mark Pernice for The Post)
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(Mark Pernice for The Post)
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How the coronavirus will change our lives forever — from music to politics to medicine

So long to selfie lines, political fundraisers and the dominance of mass transit.
  • Mar 20

Guide to the pandemic

There have been more than 610,000 confirmed cases of covid-19. The virus has killed more than 28,000. Access to the following stories is free:

The unintended consequences of closing schools

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Joseph Lowery
Joseph Lowery, a co-founder of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, led the group for 20 years and later spoke at President Barack Obama’s 2009 inauguration.
U.S. officials say they get reports almost every day about "imminent" attacks on military and diplomatic targets.
The U.S. move against the Venezuelan leader has clouded talk of a truce in Caracas, where political calculations also are being upended by the coronavirus outbreak.
The delivery service’s gig workers are asking for hand sanitizer and disinfectant, an additional $5 per order in hazard pay, a default tip set to 10 percent instead of 5 percent, as well as an indefinite extension of pay for workers impacted by covid-19.
With a significant number of restaurants closed, job uncertainty and grocery shelves periodically barren, a growing number of people are in an end-of-days-like scramble to learn how to cook.
  • 23 hours ago
African American NFL quarterbacks had a banner season in 2019, thanks to stars such as Patrick Mahomes and others. But black quarterbacks haven’t made it until they can fall and get up without their comeback turning into an ordeal.
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From The Magazine
Her leadership of the U.S. effort to combat AIDS across the globe has been highly successful — and sometimes controversial. Will her data-driven approach work with covid-19?
  • 1 day ago
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Being a kid stuck at home during covid-19 | Messages from a pandemic
Being a kid stuck at home during covid-19 | Messages from a pandemic
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Doctors show the terrible toll of the coronavirus inside one Italian hospital
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Why Republicans and Democrats were so upset with Thomas Massie
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Rise in coronavirus patients puts strain on Michigan hospitals' resources
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