President Trump said he signed the omnibus bill “as a matter of national security,” but he criticized the bill, saying, “I will never sign another bill like this again.” The signing came just hours before a deadline that would have forced a government shutdown.
The former U.N. ambassador, Trump’s pick to be his new national security adviser, has long espoused bringing about regime change in Pyongyang and Tehran, through force if necessary.
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President Trump and his lieutenants have defended a new tariffs plan as a way to reassert American “sovereignty” over matters of international diplomacy and trade. Beijing has already responded to the plan with threats of its own.
An officer enters a classroom after the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. (Video: Monica Akhtar/The Post)
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The Washington Post set up a voice mail box for high schoolers to share ideas on how to make classrooms safer. More than 300 students called in.
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Republican Sen. John McCain, a POW in the Vietnam War, asked Gina Haspel to detail her role in the agency’s enhanced interrogation program.
Eric Greitens is aggressively trying to clear his name following lurid allegations and a backlash in his own party.
All the alleged hackers worked at the behest of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps, U.S. officials said. The Justice Department alleges massive, coordinated intrusions into the computer systems of at least 144 U.S. universities and 176 foreign universities in 21 countries.
He apparently decided to take down the pages while responding to posts on Twitter, joining the #DeleteFacebook movement.
Evidence points to at least one interstellar interloper in the recent past.
“We saw her ... just dozing off,” one passenger on the 20-plus-hour trip between Phoenix and Dallas said. The driver was reportedly jabbing her face with tweezers to stay awake.
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Dominican American author’s exploration of the immigrant experience reaches a new, young audience in “Islandborn.”
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