Leaders in Washington and throughout the West are urging President Trump to confront and stand up to Russian President Vladimir Putin on a range of issues, from Russia’s interference in the 2016 U.S. election to its intervention in Syria and Ukraine. But some Russia experts worry that the novice president is unprepared for Putin, who is an ex-KGB agent.
Even as senior Pentagon officials insist they have never been more united, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis often seems to be having a different conversation with allies than President Trump.
The region that swung the presidency to the Republican now looks to candidates who pledge to keep him in check.
(Kevin Uhrmacher, Youjin Shin and Monica Ulmanu/The Post)
(Kevin Uhrmacher, Youjin Shin and Monica Ulmanu/The Post)
In his first year and a half, President Trump has paid few visits to U.S. neighbors and has used the world stage to publicly confront allies.
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In a final that delivered many of the same twists, turns and other riveting moments that characterized this year’s extraordinary tournament, France defeated upstart Croatia, 4-2, and became the sixth country to win multiple World Cup titles.
The story must be told.
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Bill Shine, a former Fox News executive tainted by his association with a sexual-harassment scandal, landed a job as a White House adviser and the story barely made a splash. Are Americans becoming increasingly intent on averting their gaze?
South Korea’s political right has been staggered by a U.S. president willing to meet with and praise North Korea's Kim Jong Un and to publicly muse about withdrawing American troops.
On abortion and other topics, President Trump’s pick for the Supreme Court underscores his differences from right-leaning Justice Kennedy in writings and talks he has given.
New details from a trove of Iranian nuclear documents stolen by Israeli spies early this year show that Tehran was on the cusp of mastering key bomb-making technologies when its research was ordered halted 15 years ago.
(John G. Mabanglo/Epa-Efe/Rex/Shutterstock)
(John G. Mabanglo/Epa-Efe/Rex/Shutterstock)
2018 All-Star Game
Today’s top minor leaguers are scouted, rated, prized and celebrated like at no other time in the game’s history — a trend with its roots in the explosion of media, but also in shifting market forces, which these days values youthful talent above all else.
Police said an officer fired at Harith Augustus when the 37-year-old barber reached for a gun in his waistband.
Alan J. Abrahamson was found outside the gates of his live-in country club in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., shot through the heart. Police never found his killer, and now say there was none.
(Patrick Martin / The Washington Post)
Gowdy wants Russian hackers extradited
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Mueller's indictment of 12 Russians pokes holes in Trump's past doubts
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These Nashville hot chicken Pringles don't taste like chicken. But they aren't bad.
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Fans fired up for MLB All Star Weekend
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