Democracy Dies in Darkness
Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was seen as a key figure in Iran’s former covert pursuit of an atomic weapon. Iran’s foreign minister described the attack as being the work of “state terror” and implicated Israel as having a possible role. Officials in Israel had no comment.
South Dakota became the latest to hit this grim marker, as the country surpassed 13 million known coronavirus cases after a Thanksgiving upended by the pandemic and amid a Black Friday hampered by virus fears.
British soldiers help administer rapid coronavirus tests in Liverpool, England. (AFP/Getty Images)
Some public health officials question the effectiveness and the expense.
The sharply worded opinion, written by a Trump appointee, said the campaign’s challenge has no merit.
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President Trump is out of options, and every week, he’s starting to talk more and more like he knows he’s lost.
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Delaware beach locals see the Bidens’ summer home as a source of pride and, perhaps, business.
The change is likely to draw criticism from civil liberties advocates and death penalty foes who view firing squads and other methods as inhumane, though its practical impact remains to be seen.
William Neff/The Washington Post
Feeding cows a small amount of seaweed can have a big impact on the planet
Farmers and researchers have found that feeding cows a small amount of seaweed can decrease production of methane, a type of greenhouse gas.
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President Trump and Amy Coney Barrett at the White House on Oct. 26. (Bloomberg News)
In dramatic fashion, the court’s new conservative majority dismissed Chief Justice John Roberts’s past deference to local officials on certain pandemic restrictions.
While the president-elect’s nominations exhibit his intention to govern as a conciliator, some worry his early moves signal weakness.
Parliament is known as the place where the sausage is made, but Friday’s antics took the process to a whole new level.
Officials say uncertainty still surrounds the plans to drop troop numbers from roughly 5,000 to 2,500 by Jan. 15.
(The Post)
The storm will plaster the zone from Tennessee and Kentucky to eastern Michigan with snow and wind, with heavy rain to the east.
It was the third time in one week that the Transportation Security Administration reported screening more than 1 million daily passengers, a now-rare milestone for airports.
Students and employees who visit the campus for classes, on-campus jobs or other activities are required to complete daily symptom checks and confirm they have tested negative for the coronavirus.
Nerds, with Andy Chasin, top right, and daughter Zara, 11, at their home in Chevy Chase Village, Md. (Bill O'Leary/The Post)
In canine-crazed Chevy Chase, Md., the frantic search for a newly adopted dog on the lam.
Approved in Nov. 3 elections, the new panel gets underway with the job of drawing political maps for the 2021 races.
A Virginia winery owner and her mother came up with the idea to honor covid-19 victims and the medical workers trying to save them.
(Washington Post illustration; iStock)
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A dedicated group is piecing together the needed elements to sustain online play for some PS3 titles even after Sony has pulled the plug on supporting them.
Retailers have had to reimagine the most important shopping season of the year, starting holiday sales weeks ago as many shoppers say they’re shunning stores in favor of buying online.
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