‘Everyone is nervous’: Trump muddles his message on U.S. economy

The White House’s contradictory, chaotic response to slowing growth is a product of tensions over how to handle that reality — and the president’s stubbornness on trade and his anger about economic news coverage.

China hits U.S. with tariffs on $75 billion worth of goods

Beijing says it will impose new tariffs and reinstate levies on American autos in the latest escalation of the year-long trade dispute between the world's two biggest economies.
Koch speaks at the “Defending the American Dream” summit in Columbus, Ohio, in 2015. (AP)
Koch speaks at the “Defending the American Dream” summit in Columbus, Ohio, in 2015. (AP)
David Koch

Billionaire who had a profound effect on American politics dies at 79

Through a network of well-financed advocacy groups, David Koch and his brother, Charles, achieved their greatest distinction, spreading an uncompromising anti-government gospel that moved the Republican Party steadily to the right.
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G-7 host’s goal: Keep Trump from causing trouble

France wants to minimize the chances that President Trump will blow up the Group of Seven summit. Subjects on which to tread lightly include some of the biggest problems facing the world.
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The Russian president castigated Washington for pulling out of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces treaty and then launching a new missile. Putin said Russia will not engage in a costly arms race but promised to ensure national security.
Election 2020
At least nine Democratic presidential hopefuls will probably miss the September debate and see their profiles sharply downgraded within days.
The daily news briefing, which is sent to the agency's 400-some immigration judges, included a link to a website that has been a known platform for white supremacists.
The construction project in Michigan is part of a grim reality of schools methodically preparing for massacres as if they were lesson plans and quizzes.
Capital Weather Gang
Temperatures will climb some 20 degrees above average in spots.
A support page for the titanium credit card warns that if it comes into contact with leather or denim, the interaction could cause “permanent discoloration that might not wash off.”
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Why is the Amazon burning?

The region is home to some of the wettest land on earth, soaked in more than 400 inches of rain each year.
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(Tom McCorkle for The Post)
(Tom McCorkle for The Post)

Is the new Popeyes chicken sandwich really better than Chick-fil-A’s?

We tested how the new offering stacks up against the competition.
(Enisaurus for The Post)
(Enisaurus for The Post)
By The Way

Do you know how to tip in America? Take our quiz.

We had etiquette experts shed light on gratuity for bellhops, hotel housekeeping, an airport shuttle driver and more.
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