Democracy Dies in Darkness
If Congress doesn't act, the government will shut down Oct. 1. But Republicans have expressed opposition to helping Democrats raise the debt limit, and it's unclear whether the new budget plan has the votes to pass.
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has insisted Republicans will not answer pleas from the Biden administration.
Republican leaders argue that requiring the shots violates personal freedoms, but experts say mass vaccinations have not worked historically without mandates.
Many on health care’s front lines say they’re baffled that there is still even a debate over whether to get vaccinated or wear a mask in public.
Thomas Renz speaks at the Bards Fest in the St. Louis area on Aug. 27. (Jon Swaine/The Post)
Thomas Renz, once a little-known attorney in Ohio with limited litigation experience, boosted his profile with lawsuits challenging coronavirus vaccines.
“Peril,” by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, reveals how far the two Republicans went in examining the president’s fraud claims.
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The potential default by one of China’s biggest property developers, Evergrande, would have ripple effects across the economy.
Brian Laundrie’s parents were seen by local news crews being escorted out of their home briefly. Police have been scouring south Florida for Laundrie, who vanished last week after refusing to help find his fiancee.
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Workers prepare the site of the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland. (Getty Images)
The presidents and prime ministers gathering at the United Nations this week have six weeks to go until a crucial global climate summit in Scotland.
Don’t assume native plants are the solution, but do choose native grasses, and be smart about how you water, experts say.
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Americans and even Republicans overwhelmingly oppose the “bounty” aspect of the law — even as GOP lawmakers feel pressure to emulate Texas’s approach.
A handful of former Manchin aides now spend much of their time advising clients on how Manchin thinks and, in some cases, lobbying his office.
Trump Organization chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg, center, appeared in court Monday. (AP)
Syrian and Iraqi women are seen near the market in al-Hol, a camp housing displaced people in Hasakah province in northeast Syria. (Nicole Tung for The Post)
Since January, more than 70 people have been killed inside northeast Syria’s al-Hol camp as fanatics enforce strictures and settle scores. The killings have taken on a creeping sense of inevitability, guards say, and no one admits to hearing them, let alone knowing who is responsible.
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Tech giants have quietly acquired hundreds of companies over the years without much scrutiny. A new study from the Federal Trade Commission is a step toward changing that.
Eligible D.C. student-athletes must also be vaccinated to participate in school sports.
Police said one suspect, a male juvenile, was taken into custody about three hours after the shooting.
The George Washington University hub of the Sunrise Movement youth-led climate advocacy group  protested in Washington on Monday. (Sunrise GW)
Protesters called for funding the first-ever Civilian Climate Corps and for  investments in renewable energy, public schools, public housing and citizenship for people who are undocumented.
Ross was named Edelman’s chief executive of U.S. operations in April, making her the first Black woman to lead a major public relations firm.
Foraging is “like the adult Easter egg hunt, just going out and finding something. It’s very primal.”
The next few weekends are packed with fall festivals. Here are some of the best.
When car drivers are not aware of the speed of electric bikes, it can lead to accidents. (iStock)
Sales of electric bikes are up. But riders of the fast, heavy bicycles need to watch out for pedestrians and other cyclists on the trail, and for cars on the road.
A writer shows concern on the outside but inside feels mostly impatience for boyfriend's minor problems and complaints.
Husband won’t address child with new name, pronouns. Wife contemplates divorce over his inability to accept them.
Reader was asked to comment on relative’s statement but didn’t want to.