Democracy Dies in Darkness
Bill Donahue stands on his property in Gilmanton, N.H. (Tristan Spinski for The Post)
The author planted a Black Lives Matter lawn sign on the village green in his  hometown to promote a rally. After he announced the rally on the community Facebook page, the vitriol flowed in.
Drea Cornejo/The Washington Post
Republicans take offense to Neera Tanden's tweets
Many of the same Republicans who turned a blind eye to Donald Trump's controversial tweets slammed OMB director nominee Neera Tanden for her Twitter history.
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Traffic is sparse on snow-covered Interstate 45 in The Woodlands, Tex., on Feb. 15. (AP)
It was some of the most severe cold in decades, with record-setting duration in some areas.
Schmidt said China is only one or two years behind the United States in artificial intelligence, and already ahead in facial recognition.
The company would be the first to operate a satellite fleet in order to improve its own forecasts.
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In bits and sprinkles through the last three-plus years, players have told of devouring insights from Woods as they competed against him.  
The International Olympic Committee will enter targeted discussions to stage a future Summer Games in Brisbane.
In the latter half of the regular season, Washington’s schedule calls for eight instances of back-to-back games.
But former top prospect Carter Kieboom also knows that every opportunity has a limit.