Democracy Dies in Darkness
Secretary of State Antony Blinken will meet Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Geneva on Friday in an effort to resolve the standoff over Ukraine, with U.S. officials warning that a Russian invasion of the country could be imminent.
New York Attorney General Letitia James outlined the claims in a bid to force Donald Trump and his adult children to testify in a civil probe.
Rudolph W. Giuliani was Donald Trump’s personal attorney, and Sidney Powell led a legal charge to overturn the 2020 election. Two other Trump allies were also subpoenaed.
Two years into the pandemic, the story of Danny Burtch is the story of incalculable loss and choices: whether to be vaccinated, whether to leave the isolation of home for fellowship, whether to partake in a game of cards.
The deal marked another temporary fix in a dispute that has put different parts of the federal government at loggerheads.
Culture and politics keep coal popular in even places such as North Dakota, an area where supply and demand align with clean energy.
The massive underwater eruption could deliver long-lasting damage to coral reefs, erode coastlines and disrupt fisheries, scientists say.
The oil giant says it has identified more than 150 potential steps to decrease its environmental impact over time.
Fink says BlackRock will not use its shares to press for divestment of oil and gas companies.
The nation would have have been better prepared if the administration had moved faster to boost testing, acquire real-time data and convey risks more clearly, say some advisers and co-authors of the plan.
Arizona Trump supporter Ray Epps on Jan. 6, 2021. (Adriana Usero)
Fact CheckerAnalysis
Former president Donald Trump and Republican lawmakers are attacking a former Marine based on innuendo and baseless suspicion.
Henry David Thoreau began his days with a brisk early morning swim in Walden Pond. (AP)
RetropolisThe Past, Rediscovered
From Benjamin Franklin’s 5 a.m. wake-ups and naked “air baths” to Marilyn Monroe’s raw egg yolks, Americans have long focused on starting the day right.
A husband is upset that his spouse is closer to their grown sons than he is, but he also won't make as much of an effort.
Reader thought a close friend had died, but it turns out it was a friend's ex-husband. The mix-up led to an annoyed social media post and the end of a friendship.