Democracy Dies in Darkness
BIDEN’s first year
President Biden went after Republicans for obstructionism and a lack of agenda while marking one year in office.
Ann with her father, Jordan Pyles, left, and her mother, Ashlyn Harrell.
As states consider equal shared parenting in custody disputes, one young couple serves as a test case.
The former president’s lawyers had asked the justices to put on hold a unanimous ruling from an appeals court, which rejected his assertions of executive privilege.
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In 2018, the Republican senator loaned his campaign $260,000 specifically so he could test an obscure campaign finance restriction that only $250,000 in personal loans can be repaid with money raised after an election.
A damaged area in Nuku'alofa, Tonga, on Thursday. (Marian Kupu/AP)
The arrival of the badly needed assistance comes after Tongans cleared part of the runway by hand because equipment was destroyed or inaccessible, according to New Zealand’s defense minister, Peeni Henare.
In 2021, North America was at the epicenter of some of the most intense weather and climate extremes in recorded history.
The question for the PR and ad business is whether a coalition of academics and advocates can get them to cut their ties with fossil fuel companies.
While this week’s weather is not expected to be as extreme as the storm last year that cut power to millions and led to hundreds of deaths, experts still have their eyes on “the weak link” of the state’s energy system.
A Manchester, N.H., police spokewoman holds posters showing Harmony Montgomery. (AP)
New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu (R) criticized the Massachusetts court system for granting custody of Harmony Montgomery to her father, who had a violent criminal history.
WBEZ is set to acquire the Chicago Sun-Times and bring it under nonprofit ownership in what could prove a model for the industry.
Culture and politics keep coal popular in even places such as North Dakota, an area where supply and demand align with clean energy.