Democracy Dies in Darkness
The energy sector has stripped redundancy out of its systems, at the risk of leaving customers in the lurch when things go wrong. The result: long lines at gas stations, as well as power outages in Texas in February and in California last summer.
A high-rise building that houses the offices of media organizations, including the Associated Press and Al Jazeera, was destroyed. The AP said its staff was warned in advance to evacuate. 
The Kennedy Center honoree’s presence in pop culture — whether Broadway, television or film — is inescapable.
China's space program joins NASA as the only agencies to have rovers on the Red Planet. The Tianwen-1 spacecraft, launched from the Chinese province of Hainan in July, has been orbiting Mars since February while looking for potential landing sites.
Hayden Dawes, 7, uses the robot from his hospital room. (Sarah L. Voisin/The Post)
Non-huggers enjoyed the year-long break, but now it's open season on affectionate squeezes.
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(Video: Billy Tucker/Photo: Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post/The Washington Post)
All that is separating the end of Alex Ovechkin's 13-year contract with the Caps and his free agency this summer is the 2021 Stanley Cup playoffs.
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Bipartisan legislation that encourages teaching of civics has turned into an ideological battle. (Michael Robinson Chavez/The Post)
In a country where millions of Americans including the former president insist that a fair election was stolen, it’s not clear that anything related to civics can be noncontroversial. The bill is trying, partly by making clear that the federal government will not make curriculum decisions.
The president has continued the Trump administration’s maximum-pressure campaign on Venezuela despite a softening of President Nicolás Maduro’s posture toward the West.
Dueling public meetings next week could escalate the dispute over how a private contractor is auditing more than 2 million ballots cast last fall in Maricopa County.
Tanden was the only Biden Cabinet pick whose nomination faced insurmountable opposition in the Senate. 
The agency had been undergoing overhauls since an embarrassing 2014 White House security breach.
President Biden’s transition has been slower than previous ones. 
Smoke and flame rise during Israeli airstrikes in Gaza City. (Reuters)
A ferocious series of strikes on the Gaza Strip, launched by Israel, targeted a vast network of underground tunnels used by Palestinian militants, Israeli officials said.
At least 11 Palestinians were killed in West Bank protests calling for solidarity with Gaza.
Documents from stolen Iranian archives show surprising innovation as Iran embarked on a crash course to build a nuclear weapon.
Police arrested Shakiro for dressing in women's clothing, her lawyer said.
With approximately 2.1 million people, Gaza is one of the most densely populated places in the world. That means that even targeted airstrikes have a high likelihood of hitting civilians.
A ruling on whether to dismiss manslaughter charges against two U.S. Park Police officers for the 2017 fatal shooting of Bijan Ghaisar could lead to further appeals and set precedent in the prosecution of federal officers by state prosecutors.
Tesla is bringing the strategies pioneered by the computer giant to the auto industry. Consumers are learning that’s not always a good thing.
Peter Debbins said he was motivated by family ties and personal grievances.
Maggie Montoya, who was working in a Boulder, Colo., store when a gunman opened fire in March, remains focused on training that she hopes will take her to the Olympics. (AP)
(Jackie Parsons)
My epic struggle to say it to one of my best friends.
The senator from Illinois discusses her years of poverty and how that informs what she brings to the job.
Interruptions in conversation used to be natural. Try it on a video call.
The Bob Baffert-trained horse, whose Derby win is in dispute after testing positive for a banned substance, will race in the second leg of horse racing's Triple Crown.
The reserve attackman had a position in commercial real estate set to begin once he graduated last year. But the pandemic ended the season, squashed his tournament dream and forced him to reevaluate what came next.
Capitals defenseman Zdeno Chara is facing his former team as the Stanley Cup playoffs begin. (AP)
There is no shortage of story lines as Washington heads into Saturday night’s first-round matchup against Boston at Capital One Arena.
The first state surgeon general of California set a goal that had nothing to do with the coronavirus: training 20,000 medical professionals in a health assessment known as the ACEs score. (iStock)
Adverse experiences in youth can spawn a constellation of adult health issues, including asthma, cancer, depression, diabetes, heart disease and stroke. 
When you’re deciding whether to have kids, it’s not helpful to compare yourself to your friends.
Adult remembers cafeteria workers as some of the most welcoming people at school.
More stores have prompts for tips as part of payment process.