Democracy Dies in Darkness
Storm scenes
The roof and marquee collapsed at a theater during a concert in Belvidere, Ill. (AP)
At least 10 people have been killed after severe weather and tornadoes tore through parts of Indiana, Arkansas and Illinois and storms barreled across the central United States, leaving more than 200,000 households without power.
Former president Donald Trump in October. (Sarah Rice for The Post)
Kelly Menard nearly doubled her salary when she was hired at Ruger to work on the AR-15 assembly line.
American IconDeadly weapon, divided nation
The migration of the gun industry out of liberal states into conservative areas underscores the sharp divide among Americans over weapons like the AR-15.
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The sanctioned Petrel 8 cargo ship docked in China on April 8 in violation of a U.N. port entry ban. (Planet Labs)
The case of the Petrel 8, a zombie ship that came back to life, shows that the sanction regime on Pyongyang is full of holes.
(Astrid Riecken For The Post)
Green burials — the American standard until the Civil War — are coming back, as people ditch expensive caskets and decompose into the soil instead.
Despite beliefs about the benefits of moderate alcohol use, like a daily glass of red wine, a new analysis finds early death risk increases the more you drink.
AMERICAN ICONDeadly weapon, divided nation
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