Democracy Dies in Darkness
(Amanda Andrade-Rhoades for The Post)
The recommendations signal the Biden administration has decided the lower covid fatality rate in a heavily vaccinated nation allows less demanding guidelines.
(Anna-Marie Kellen/Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Antiquities reproduced in vivid color, now on view in the “Chroma” exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, may look garish to modern eyes.
(Michael Miller/The Post)
Beijing's beachhead in the Solomon Islands has sparked fears of a loss of sovereignty and warnings of trouble ahead in the strategically located country.
(The Post)
The House is expected to approve the Inflation Reduction Act on Friday. It includes a minimum tax rate of 15 percent on some companies.
(Gerry Keene)
"If we didn’t get her out, she would die in there," one of the rescuers said.
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A Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman said talks are ongoing, but he warned the United States against conducting diplomacy in public.
This Baltic nation represents extreme examples of the price pressures sweeping Europe.
Terrorist attacks and mixed signals on girls’ education have disrupted Afghans’ calm with the Taliban regime.
(The Post)
Months of scant rainfall and above-average temperatures have entrenched the region in drought, becoming the worst on record in some countries.