Democracy Dies in Darkness
The new policy requires federal agents to intervene if they see another law enforcement officer using excessive force, the first such use-of-force policy update in 18 years.
The scathing resignation letter from a diplomat at Russia’s mission to the United Nations in Geneva is one of the most high-profile critiques of the war — and its architects — to come from within the Russian government.
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Two people have been wandering the Egyptian capital in recent years to capture its traditional noises before they disappear as development proceeds and the population soars.
The nearly 300--page report is the product of an eight-month probe requested by Southern Baptists at their annual meeting in Nashville last year.
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Students sift iron oxide-filled mud from mine drainage. (Dane Rhys)
Waste from abandoned and bankrupt mines has contaminated more than 12,000 miles of waterways. Now states are looking at how to extract critical elements from those waters to try to offset the high cost of cleanup.