Democracy Dies in Darkness
Beijing residents gather Monday for a vigil and to protest China’s “zero covid” policy. (Reuters)
Demonstrations were sparked by accusations that pandemic restrictions had hampered rescuers trying to reach a deadly fire in Xinjiang.
(Marlena Sloss for The Post)
The University of California at Berkeley’s demographics, and its efforts to shape them, illuminate the stakes as the Supreme Court weighs a potential ban nationwide on affirmative action in admissions.
A solar-powered stove sits on the Outback Way near the Queensland-Northern Territory border.
A Post photojournalist looks back on his two weeks traversing Australia’s often grueling, constantly surprising Outback Way.
(Robb Hill for The Post)
The terrifying oddity of the incident had drawn hundreds of onlookers to a nearby shopping center. They milled about and gazed up at the white airplane stuck in the tower, at times barely visible through the nighttime fog.
The legendary musician says he used an autopen to sign special-edition copies of his new book.
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Piazza San Marco floods some 100 days per year. (Carolyn Van Houten/The Post)
A landmark climate change solution has reduced fears of the city turning into a modern-day Atlantis, but the barrier system could become stressed with even a 30-centimeter sea-level rise.