Democracy Dies in Darkness
Immigrants have been turned away from pharmacies and other places after being asked for driver’s licenses, Social Security numbers or health insurance cards — documentation required by neither states nor the federal government but often requested at vaccination sites around the country.
Thousands of migrants have died of covid-19. Diplomats and loved ones are working to repatriate their remains.
The former president used most of a speech at his Mar-a-Lago Club in Florida to fling familiar grievances, excoriating a number of Republicans even as he publicly called for party unity.
Javier Quiroz is a DACA recipient and essential worker who treats coronavirus patients at one of Houston’s busiest hospitals. (Callaghan O'Hare for The Post)
Progress has again been stymied, both by uncertain Democratic support and Republican recalcitrance amid the crisis at the southwest border.
The pandemic ravaged first-nation communities in many parts of the world. Australia bucked the trend.
(Whitney Shefte/The Washington Post)
Health-care workers in Washington, D.C., are trying to make the coronavirus vaccine more accessible in Black communities and combat lingering skepticism.
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The crosscurrents could turn the coming weeks into a make-or-break moment for some of President Biden’s biggest initiatives — and perhaps a final chance to demonstrate whether bipartisan cooperation is possible.
Stephanie Byers, left, and Annise Parker. (Lily illustration; photos: John Hanna/AP; Erich Schlegel/The Post)
Of the nearly 1,000 LGBTQ elected officials serving office, 40 percent are women and 9 percent are women of color.
How the president is pursuing his agenda.
President Biden’s transition has been slower than previous ones. 
Prince Hamzah stood with King Abdullah II to recite Quranic verses at the graves of their forefathers in an apparent attempt to show unity on a major Jordanian holiday.
Cargo ships, backlogged in San Francisco Bay on March 26, wait to enter the Port of Oakland. (Melina Mara/The Post)
Global trade depends on maritime workers, but the pandemic has thrust them into “humanitarian and economic crisis” — forbidden from coming ashore, at risk of a coronavirus outbreak onboard. Some mariners have been at sea for as long as 20 months.
Oil derricks pepper the landscape outside of Taft, Calif., in the fossil fuel-rich San Joaquin Valley. (David Walter Banks for The Post)
Health and environmental concerns aren’t deterring Kern County from a future with thousands more oil and gas wells.
Democratic lawmakers enacted a long-sought bill that creates a new discipline process and gives civilians a role in, but not control of, police misconduct probes. Other measures  include a statewide use-of-force policy and a law the would make some complaints about police conduct available for public review.
The Memorial for Enslaved Laborers t the University of Virginia. (Evelyn Hockstein for The Post)
The monument evokes a broken shackle and seeks to honor the 4,000 enslaved laborers who constructed the university, many of whose descendants still live in Charlottesville.
The 45-year-old dining destination in Great Falls succeeds thanks to delicious consistency.
The coronavirus is still worrisome, but outdoor events are starting up again. Here’s what to know.
After the Chicago Tribune's Phil Vittel and TV host Steve Dolinsky stepped down, the city is left without an experienced voice to help locals and visitors alike understand the scene.
The Vancouver Canucks are dealing with a coronavirus outbreak that has affected almost the entire team. (Canadian Press/AP)
The outbreak within the Vancouver Canucks organization, which has been linked to a variant, is the worst in the NHL this season — and perhaps in North American professional sports since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. The team has emerged as a microcosm of the uptick in cases in British Columbia.