Democracy Dies in Darkness
(The Washington Post)
Congressional Republicans said on April 11 President Biden's infrastructure plan is too expensive — and too wide ranging to be called an “infrastructure” bill.
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The president and his aides point to broad public support for many Democratic policies among voters in both parties, as well as Republican state officials.
How the president is pursuing his agenda.
President Biden’s transition has been slower than previous ones. 
The storm traveled unusually far south, bringing wind gusts over 100 miles an hour that wreaked devastation.
Young people enjoy a pint at the Fox on the Hill pub in South London, on Monday. (EPA-EFE/Shutterstock)
With excitement in the air that life may finally be returning to some sense of normalcy after three national lockdowns and more than 127,000 lives lost to the coronavirus, Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged Brits to “behave responsibly” as restrictions lift across the four nations.
Prescott Noll, 15, is learning virtually through Loudoun County Public Schools. (Jennifer Noll)
Students who are continuing with virtual learning because of preference or medical concerns have found that the remote experience is suddenly different in ways both big and small.
The Trump-era tax break for well-off older adults comes as President Biden aims to raise taxes on corporations and wealthy Americans.
Cargo ships are backlogged in San Francisco Bay. (Melina Mara/Post)
The situation threatens to grow more dire in the coming months, industry experts say, as mariners desperately try to access coronavirus vaccines, their situation complicated by a web of complex logistics and workplaces often situated thousands of miles offshore.
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