Democracy Dies in Darkness
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Slightly more than half Ian’s victims drowned, the latest data shows, underscoring what experts call a frequently overlooked reality: Water usually kills more people than wind.
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How many nuclear weapons does Russia have? What are tactical weapons? We have your answers here.
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Flight attendants had a rough few years during the pandemic, but thousands of newcomers are still applying for jobs.
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Vice President Harris's sport utility vehicle was immobilized in an accident Monday when her Secret Service driver hit a curb.  The alert to senior officials initially failed to include key information about what happened.
New footage from off the coast of South Africa is the first direct proof that orcas are capable of hunting and killing great white sharks, scientists say.
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Black OutThe NFL’s failure to promote Black coaches
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Intense heat and a record-breaking dry spell, covering more than 40 percent of the continental U.S. for nearly two years, have put pressure on livestock herds across the Great Plains.