They say House prosecutors overlooked facts that are more favorable to his case

In a two-hour presentation that reserved its most provocative attacks for Monday, President Trump’s legal team echoed his justifications for his actions toward Ukraine and sought to plant doubts about both the prosecutors’ case and its lead advocate, Rep. Adam B. Schiff (D-Calif.).

Republicans decry impeachment as ‘boring’

Their “nothing new” mantra underscores the hear-no-evil approach some are taking as they attempt to defend President Trump from charges of high crimes and misdemeanors.

Assessing the Trump team’s 6-point defense

President Trump’s legal team in his impeachment trial began its defense with a slightly more lawyerly version of one of Trump’s favorite tweets: read the transcript.
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Pompeo’s accusations against reporter draw denial from NPR

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's statement Saturday accused the NPR reporter of lying but did not address her explosive account of their conversation. Pompeo has grown increasingly testy as his own conduct relating to Ukraine and Iran has been questioned.

Trump wants a Senate Democrat to vote for acquittal. White House eyes Joe Manchin.

The West Virginian has sided with President Trump on tough votes before, but voting to acquit him would be an even more politically charged decision, one that could help him maintain his reputation as a moderate back home but that would likely make him a pariah within his own party.
Campaign 2020
The two men, pillars of competing ideologies, are locked in a more crowded knot of candidates in Iowa and New Hampshire, where results could alter the national findings.
U.S. troops in Syria, like those in neighboring Iraq, shifted their focus from anti-extremist operations to force protection after a Jan. 3 strike killed Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani.
The Veterans of Foreign Wars decried the president for dismissing traumatic brain injuries as “not very serious.”
Judge Robert Ruehlman defended his actions by saying he hasn’t been wrong yet about the status of a defendant.
The show’s first cold opening of 2020 mocked Dershowitz’s history of representing some of the justice system’s most radioactive defendants, including Jeffrey Epstein and O.J. Simpson.
Medical Mysteries
A client’s eagle-eyed examination spotted a critical clue that had been overlooked for years.
Grammy Awards
The 22-year-old songwriter and producer is up for five Grammys and is looking to kick-start his own solo career.
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