Democracy Dies in Darkness
Debt Ceiling
The U.S. is on track to avert an unprecedented federal government default after the Senate passed a bipartisan bill to suspend the debt ceiling and curb federal spending.
Ukrainian soldiers from the 1st Tank Brigade operate a Soviet-era T-64. (Heidi Levine for The Post)
Ukrainian troops are removing some of their own land mines to create pathways into occupied territory where they will confront Russian fortifications.
The country’s most-watched spelling challenge had two final master spellers: Charlotte Walsh from Virginia and Dev Shah from Florida.
Dev Shah, 14, from Largo, Fla., spells his winning word. (AP)
(AFP/Getty Images)
Elise Hu's book presents the most cosmetically advanced country on Earth as an object lesson in more familiar cruelties.
(Illustration: Chelsea Conrad/The Post; family photo; Tim Sorel)
New research suggests that a subset of patients with psychiatric conditions like schizophrenia may actually have an autoimmune disease that attacks the brain.
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