Democracy Dies in Darkness
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American IconDeadly weapon, divided nation
The Washington Post and Ipsos asked nearly 400 AR-15 owners why they own the rifle, what they use it for and how often they fire it. Here’s what the poll found.
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More than 5,000 pages from a Moscow-based contractor offer a glimpse into planning and training that would allow Russia’s intelligence agencies and hacking groups to find vulnerabilities, coordinate attacks and control online activity.
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With his instrument of choice, he called himself a “political cartoonist for the blind.”
The family of shooting victim Michael Hill. (Johnnie Izquierdo for The Post)
Transgender people are rarely the perpetrators of mass shootings, which are overwhelmingly carried out by cisgender men, say criminal justice experts.
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Cruises and car rentals are among the best bargains.
(José L. and Jacmar Soto for The Post; Carolyn Van Houten/The Post)
Organizational experts and real roomies share strategies for dealing with leftovers, fridge cleanouts and who ate what.
AMERICAN ICONDeadly weapon, divided nation
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