Democracy Dies in Darkness
Drones damaged two residential buildings in a dramatic strike on the Russian capital after yet another barrage of missiles on Ukraine’s capital killed one person and injured more than 12.
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A Virginia couple grew up in, and were expected to advance, the most ideologically committed faction of the modern home-schooling movement, led by deeply conservative Christians. Ultimately, they walked away.
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(Guillermo Gutierrez for The Post)
If you’re using caffeine to stay alert and operate on less sleep, you’re accumulating a sleep debt that will catch up with you.
The deal struck by President Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) would raise the debt ceiling for two years — past the 2024 elections — while trimming spending.
Cities aren’t only seeing sea level rise. Parts of them are also sinking.
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AI chatbots are everywhere, but they still routinely make up false information and pass it off as real. The problem may not be fixable.
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