Democracy Dies in Darkness
Activists reacted with unusually harsh language, suggesting they would no longer give President Biden the benefit of the doubt as the viral images circulated of mounted border agents grabbing Haitian migrants.
The political standoff  is threatening to leave Congress with little time to resolve a number of disputes that could shutter the government during a pandemic and destabilize global markets.
The suit alleges that Mary Trump, the New York Times and at least three of the newspaper’s reporters participated in an “insidious plot” to obtain records about the former president’s finances.
Restrictions have displaced people across the country, with some setting up camp in the Outback while they wait — and wait — for permission to go home.
Epik long has been the favorite Internet company of the far-right, providing domain services to QAnon theorists, Proud Boys and other instigators of the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol .
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President Biden speaks during a meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in the Oval Office on Tuesday. (AP)
The prime minister headed to the White House Tuesday — by Amtrak, an emissions-conserving choice that no doubt appealed to the American president with a Delaware train station named after him.
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A dog nibbles on black soldier fly larvae. (EnviroFlight)
Despite what scientists call the “yuck factor,” bugs could be a sustainable secret ingredient for the booming pet food industry.
The measure seeks an independent examination of America’s longest war and demands clarity on how the Biden administration intends to conduct counterterrorism operations in Afghanistan.
Donald Trump did not then and does not now care about the validity of the claims he makes, only the outcome those claims might generate.
The investigation was opened following the release of a memo from the Texas Education Agency that says “school systems cannot require students or staff to wear a mask.” (AFP/Getty Images)
It said it was opening a civil rights investigation into Gov. Greg Abbott’s (R) ban, pressing its fight with GOP governors over their pandemic policies. The Education Dept. had earlier said that its Office of Civil Rights was investigating Iowa, Florida, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee and Utah.
Demonstrators march to the U.S. Capitol on Tuesday. (Andrew Harnik/AP)
Immigrants, advocates and community members march in D.C. to demand that Congress include a pathway to citizenship in the budget package.
The guard, who was working as a special police officer, was fatally shot during a violent day in which  several other people, including two children, were wounded by gunfire.
The city used eminent domain to acquire the property, where it is planning a $35 million remake of the treacherous roundabout.
Police believe more people in the D.C. area could be victimized by a batch of cocaine laced with fentanyl.
A months-long, citywide celebration of Thomas’s art includes a major retrospective, a symposium and more.
A crowd of up to 12,000 will gather to watch Lydia R. Diamond’s play, about the first woman to play in the Negro Leagues, on the Nationals Park video scoreboard.
Ross was named Edelman’s chief executive of U.S. operations in April, making her the first Black woman to lead a major public relations firm.
“Bewilderment,” longlisted for a National Book Award, follows a widower desperate to help his neurodivergent son.
A traveling exhibition, now at the Colby College Museum of Art, introduces the beloved African American artist to a new generation.
This anthology by Kwame Mbalia is comprised of stories that have always existed but rarely get told.