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CEO Series Special Edition: Bret Baier and David Rubenstein

David M. Rubenstein, co-founder and co-executive chairman of The Carlyle Group, and Bret Baier, an award-winning Fox News anchor, sat down with Washington Post Live for a discussion about their new books on U.S. history, the economy, media, politics and more.

Philanthropist David Rubenstein says there’s no one answer to solving the issue of income inequality

When asked how he would solve the issue of income inequality, businessman and philanthropist David Rubenstein said there’s no simple answer to that problem. ‘If I had the answers on income inequality, I would be in Iowa, not here… It’s not just income inequality, it’s social mobility. Right now, many people at the bottom of the economic strata don’t believe that they can work their way up, so the social mobility is relatively limited, so it’s not just solving the income inequality.’
  • Nov 14, 2019

David Rubenstein and Bret Baier say President Trump has reinvented the use of media by presidents

Co-Founder and Co-Executive Chairman of The Carlyle Group David Rubenstein says President Trump has reinvented the use of media by presidents, comparing his Twitter feed to the different methods past presidents have used to reach the public. “He’s using his Twitter feed and his tweets as a way to communicate with the American people. Whoever his successor is, whenever that occurs, will probably do much of the same thing. Maybe in a different tone, a different way, but I think Presidents are now going to communicate with people much differently than they did many years ago because of what he has done.” Fox News Anchor Bret Baier added that every president has had an issue with the media, President Trump ‘just expresses it a lot differently.’
  • Nov 14, 2019

David Rubenstein says he wrote his new book because Americans don’t know enough about U.S. history

Businessman and philanthropist David Rubenstein says he wrote his new book, The American Story: Conversations with Master Historians, because he’s concerned that Americans don’t know much about history and don’t learn about it in school. “It’s a sad situation…The theory of learning history is we can avoid the mistakes of the past and improve upon the things that happened before.”
  • Nov 14, 2019

Bret Baier on getting young people interested in learning about history

Three of Bret Baier’s books have been turned into children’s editions to make them more digestible for young readers, which Baier believes is an important step in getting young people interested in learning about history. “Part of the reason that I’m so into this, and addicted to it, is because I do believe, like David, that civics is being lost and that if we can breathe life into history, especially for kids, that’s a major thing.”
  • Nov 14, 2019

David Rubenstein says Trump wasn’t mentioned during his meeting with Ukraine president

Businessman and philanthropist David Rubenstein said that during a recent meeting he had with President Zelensky in Ukraine, President Trump didn’t really come up in conversation. Also, four days after U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and other senior aides sat in on a call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Vladymyr Zelenskiy, Pompeo sat down for an interview with Rubenstein at the Economic Club. During that interview, he said Trump was “very focused on where the money is, and how we use economic leverage to achieve our diplomatic ends.”
  • Nov 14, 2019
Bret Baier

Chief Political Anchor, FOX News

FOX News Channel’s chief political anchor, Bret Baier, is no stranger to Washington, DC. In 2006, he was named Chief White House Correspondent, and covered the second term of the George W. Bush administration. During his tenure at the network, Baier interviewed two sitting Presidents and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. He provided coverage of the 2012 campaign cycle and, more recently, anchored the first GOP debate of the 2016 election season. Baier is also the anchor of Special Report with Bret Baier, the top-rated cable news program in its timeslot.
David M. Rubenstein

Co-Founder and Co-Executive Chairman, The Carlyle Group

David M. Rubenstein is a Co-Founder and Co-Executive Chairman of The Carlyle Group, one of the world’s largest and most successful private investment firms. Mr. Rubenstein co-founded the firm in 1987. Since then, Carlyle has grown into a firm managing $223 billion from 33 offices around the world. Mr. Rubenstein has been a leader in the area of Patriotic Philanthropy, having made transformative gifts for the restoration or repair of the Washington Monument, Monticello, Montpelier, Mount Vernon, Arlington House, Iwo Jima Memorial, the Kennedy Center, the Smithsonian, the National Archives, the National Zoo, the Library of Congress, and the National Museum of African American History and Culture. Mr. Rubenstein has also provided to the U.S. government long-term loans of his rare copies of the Magna Carta, the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Emancipation Proclamation, the 13th Amendment, the first map of the U.S. (Abel Buell map), and the first book printed in the U.S. (Bay Psalm Book).
Moderated by Frances Sellers

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