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A political yogurt quiz. Yes, you read that right.

Politicians love their yogurt. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo holds yogurt summits. New York Chuck Schumer once got into a word war with Asia over yogurt. And this week, Marion Barry swore to protect D.C. from an invisible yogurt tax he loves the stuff so much. It turns out that politicians discuss yogurt more than you would think. Here is a look back at some of the weirder moments in yogurt political history — in quiz form. Yes, this is probably the first time anyone has used the phrase "yogurt political history." And no, you don't need to be a scholar of cultures to do well on it.


Who wrote this to-do list: ''1) Call Senator Helms; 2) Call King Hussein; 3) Call Foreign Minister Moussa; 4) Make other Congressional calls; 5) Prepare for China meeting; 6) Buy nonfat yogurt.''

Bill Clinton
Madeline Albright
Condoleeza Rice
Hillary Clinton


Which politician offered this sage advice? “Yogurt is really more healthy than some other things, as is cottage cheese."

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo
Former Washington, D.C. mayor Marion Barry
President Richard Nixon
Connecticut Rep. Rosa DeLauro


Who made this speech? "Mr. President, the opponents of reform will tell you that there isn't much money in politics. They will argue there's not enough. They will observe that more money is spent to advertise toothpaste and yogurt than is spent on our elections. I don't care, Mr. President. We should not concern ourselves with the costs of toothpaste and yogurt marketing."

Senator Bernie Sanders
Former senator Russ Feingold
Senator John McCain
Rep. Nancy Pelosi


A state senator from which state said this sentence? “Almost 7 o’clock and we are here discussing yogurt."

New York


Which politician eats Greek yogurt, berries and granola for breakfast every day —the perfect complement to his daily P90X workout.

New York Sen. Chuck Schumer
Texas Sen. Ted Cruz
Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan
Virginia Rep. Eric Cator


In 2003, the cafeteria managers at the Capitol had to cover the name of a country listed on the yogurt machine with red, white and blue "freedom" stickers. Which country was it?

United States


Which politician had to give up yogurt? "The main thing that was hard for me actually — much harder than giving up meat, turkey, chicken and fish — was giving up yogurt and hard cheese. I love that stuff, but it really made a big difference when I did it."

Bill Clinton
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie
Vice President Joe Biden
Former Vice President Al Gore


This was said during a confirmation hearing: ”I don’t think the Fourth Amendment has, like your yogurt, an ‘expired on’ date on it. It sounds like an anachronism to me." What position was the speaker vying for?

Supreme Court justice
Secretary of State
FBI Director
Department of Defense


Which politician said: "Getting yogurt on the president, you've got a story to tell."

Bill Clinton
Ronald Reagan
George W. Bush
Barack Obama

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